Stephan Brandner

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Stephan Brandner
Landtagsprojekt Thüringen 2016 Stephan Brandner IMG 9940 LR10 by Stepro.jpg
Stephan Brandner in 2016
Personal details
Born (1966-05-29) 29 May 1966 (age 53)
Herten, North Rhine-Westphalia, West Germany
Political partyAfD (2013-present)

Stephan Brandner (born 29 May 1966) is a German far-right politician. He has been a member of the German Bundestag for Alternative for Germany (AfD) since 2017 and has served as chairman of the Bundestag's Legal Affairs Committee from 31 January 2018 till November 2019. He was the front runner candidate of the AfD in the state of Thuringia for the 2017 German federal election. Previously, he was a member of the Landtag of Thuringia from 2014 to 2017.

Brandner is a close companion of far-right AfD influencer Björn Höcke. Because Höcke was not running for federal Bundestag, Bradnter was said to be a kind of embassador of his völkisch-nationalistic Flügel in Bundestag.[1]


Stephan Brandner was born on 29 May 1966 in Herten. He became a Industriekaufmann and studied than law at Universität Regensburg. since 1997 he was working as an laywer, privisously in München, than in Gera.

He is member of KStV Agilolfia Regensburg in Kartellverband katholischer deutscher Studentenvereine.


After the Halle attack of a neonazi in 2019, Brandner shared a message on Twitter, saying after the attack that politicians were "lunging" in front of synagogues, even though in Halle "a German was killed, who liked to listen to Volksmusik" and "an organic German" had died.[2] Social Democratic politicians and associations of German lawyers called on Brandner to resign from his office as chairman of the Bundestag's Legal Affairs Committee.[3][4]


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