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Stephan Dweck is an African-American humorist, attorney, radio show host and the author or co-author of several books.

He co-hosted the Sports Funk show on WFAN-AM radio in New York City with Monteria Ivey. Dweck and Ivey lived in the Frederick Douglass Houses housing project in Manhattan.

Ivey, Dweck and James Percelay co-authored several books on African-American humor, from slavery to American ghettos, including the Snaps trilogy. Ivey and Dweck also wrote two books on pick-up lines called You're So Fine I'd Drink a Tub of Your Bathwater and Baby, All Those Curves. And Me With No Brakes. Other books include Laugh Your Ass Off: The Big Book of African American Humor and The Field Guide to White People.[1]

Stephan Dweck executive produced the "Snaps" TV series for HBO and the animated show "The Big Head People" for Spike TV. He has worked as a screenwriter for Eddie Murphy Productions and Miramax Films. He also was a regular guest on the IMUS in the morning program. His WFAN radio show, Sports Funk, was one of the first African American Sports talk shows in the nation.

He is a graduate of Dartmouth College, a member of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, and a member of the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut bar. As an attorney he has represented several rappers, singers and actors, including the cast of the film "Paris Is Burning" in their lawsuit against the producers of the film. He Practices Entertainment law in New York City.