Stephanie Kirkham

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Stephanie Kirkham
Origin Ribble Valley, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom
Genres Pop
Years active 2003–present
Labels Easy Action Recordings

Stephanie Kirkham is an English singer-songwriter.


Stephanie grew up in the heart of the Ribble Valley, Lancashire listening to Joni Mitchell, The Beatles and Johnny Cash, dreaming of being a songwriter. She went to Blackpool Art College and worked at various arts and crafts, floristry and painting.

After receiving her acapella songs through the post Jamie Nelson organised the early recordings that became the basis of her debut album.

David Boyd signed Stephanie to a five album deal with Hut/Virgin and in 2003 ’That Girl’ was released. Six months into her deal, Hut closed and Stephanie began writing for her second album.

‘Sunlight On My Soul’ was released in 2006. Receiving fantastic reviews throughout the UK, critics praised her bold progression on an album that encompasses tudor madrigals, celtic folk, country and jazzy pop.

Stephanie’s third album ‘TINY SPARK’ is due to be released January 22nd 2016.

Recorded and produced by Phil Thornalley, co-produced by Mads Hauge.

Tiny Spark offers the listener an audible sunny summer by the sea, each song like a holiday postcard. Bon Voyage, Kiss Me Quick and Dreamboat Song take you right to the promenade. Phil Thornalley and Mads Hauge’s accompaniment sparkles every skip of the way. Quite possibly the epic amongst these songs is the album closer ‘Future Come On’ with its huge chorus and rousing call. It’s a bright feel good album, perfect listening for a summers day – Carlton Sandercock, Easy Action.

Recorded and produced by Phil Thornalley, co-produced by Mads Hauge.

Stephanie Kirkham - Tiny Spark Released Easy Action/SLK Music

(January 22, 2016) :

1. Best Time Ever - 2:53

2. Happy Ever After - 2:00

3. Easy As 123 - 3:00

4. Feeling Good - 2:18

5. We Got It Covered - 2:25

6. Now You’re Home (Hang Me Up Under The Misletoe) - 2:15

7. Kiss Me Quick - 2:45

8. Dreamboat Song - 3:06

9. Beautiful Day - 2:48

10. If I Could - 2:40

11. Bon Voyage - 3:06

12. I Ain’t Got No Time For That - 2:03

13. Future Come On - 2:45

14. Birthday Song (Pre-Order Only) - 2:20



  • That Girl (Hut/Virgin) – 29 September 2003
  • Sunlight On My Soul (SLK Music) – 6 February 2006
  • Tiny Spark (Easy Action Recordings) - 22 January 2016


  • Inappropriate
  • Show Me What You're Made Of
  • Easy As 123
  • Best Time Ever
  • Future Come On

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