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Stephanie Martin
  • Pop
  • musical theatre
  • Singer-songwriter
Years active1991–present
LabelsSovereign Productions Inc

Stephanie Martin, sometimes credited as Stéphanie Martin, is an American–Canadian singer-songwriter and actress having performed in notable musical productions in both French and English. She is best known for her role as Éponine in three productions of the musical Les Misérables and as the Québécoise French singing voice of Pocahontas in the 1995 Disney animated film Pocahontas.

Life and career[edit]

Stephanie Martin was born in the US where she spent the first six years of her life. She is a dual Canadian-American citizen.[1] The family then moved to Beaconsfield, Quebec where, as a child, Stephanie sang with both parents in Montreal's Donovan Chorale. She participated in the Diocesan Folk Music Camp for youths held at Camp Kinkora located in Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard, Quebec.[2][non-primary source needed] She began performing publicly in her mid-teens in Montreal.[3]

Stephanie Martin played the role of Éponine in Les Misérables for 3 consecutive years starting with the bilingual Montreal production[4] in 1991 that led to the Paris production of Les Misérables in 1991–1992[5] followed by the London production in 1992–1993.[6][7] This aforementioned production of Les Misérables in Paris won the 1992 Molière Award for Best Musical.

Stephanie Martin has performed with symphony orchestras across North America, Europe and Asia. She is a core member[8] of Jeans 'n Classics developed by Peter Brennan. Stephanie has toured North America with Jeans 'n Classics singing with symphony orchestras in programs of classic rock.[9] Stephanie has participated in a United Nations Show Tour for Canadian peacekeeping troops in Lahr, Zagreb and Sarajevo. There, Stephanie delivered a peace package from Quebec elementary school children.[10][11][12] In 1995 and 1996, she toured 11 cities in Japan with the Francis Lai Music Orchestra International Tour under the direction of Raphael Sanchez.[13][14]

Stephanie has numerous acting and singing credits in both Television and Film. She was heard announcing as the French "Voice of God" during the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2015 Pan American and Para Pan American Games held in Toronto.[15]

Stephanie Martin has released 2 original music albums and 1 single. The albums shape line & harmony in 2007 and April Snow in 2016 were both co-written and produced by Juno Award winner Chad Irschick.[16] The single SAILING ON was co-written with Diane Leah and produced by Dave Pickell.

Stephanie Martin has resided primarily in Toronto, Ontario with husband Andrew Sabiston since they met in 1994[17] during the Toronto musical production of Napoleon at the Elgin Theatre.

Community involvement[edit]

Stephanie Martin has contributed to fundraising events for organizations bringing awareness to missing people. She performed at the Bring Christina Home Fundraising Gala in 2008[18] and can be heard on the lead track of the Missing Children's Network benefit CD entitled Help us Find the Children.[19]

Stephanie Martin was a committee member of Toronto's BIKESTOCK 2014, an organization promoting cycling safety in Toronto founded by Albert Koehl.[20]

Stephanie Martin has been a guest singer at the Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto (MCC Toronto). Stephanie has recorded a version of her song Walk in the Light with noted musical director Diane Leah[21] and the choir of MCC Toronto for their music album These Old Walls.[22] Walk in the Light was the working title of her musical album, funded by Kickstarter backers, released March 30, 2016 as April Snow.[23]


Original music studio albums[edit]

Year Title Artist Producer Label
2007 shape, line & harmony Stephanie Martin Chad Irschick Sovereign Productions
2016 April Snow Stephanie Martin Chad Irschick Sovereign Productions

Original music studio single[edit]

Year Title Composers/Artists/Writers Producer Label
2010 SAILING ON Diane Leah, Stephanie Martin, Dave Pickell Dave Pickell Sovereign Productions

Musicals; cast recording credits[edit]

Year Title Producer Role
1991 Les Misérables[24] Trema, original Paris cast recording Éponine
1995 Robert Marien: Broadway-Montreal Analekta, cast recording Lead tracks
1996 Napoleon EMI Broadway Angel, Toronto cast recording Clarice
1997 La vie en bleu: comédie musicale[25] Trema, original Paris cast Germaine
2011 Schwartz's: The Musical[26] Centaur Theatre Company, Montreal live cast recording Amber

Animation feature[edit]

Year Title Producer Role
1995 Pocahontas, une légende indienne Walt Disney Records, French Québécois recording Pocahontas singing voice

Theatre productions[edit]

Year Title Theatre Director Role
1991 Les Misérables[4] Théâtre Saint-Denis, Montreal, Winnipeg tour Richard J. Alexander Éponine
1991 –


Les Misérables Théâtre Mogador, Paris John Caird Éponine
1992 –


Les Misérables[6] Palace Theatre, London John Caird/Trevor Nunn Éponine
1993 Tycoon (Starmania in French) Sydmonton Festival, London Tim Rice, Luc Plamondon Crystal[27]
1994 Napoleon The Elgin Theatre, Toronto John Wood Clarice
1994 Robert Marien: Broadway-Montreal, musical revue chapiteau Saint-Sauveur, Quebec and tour Robert Marien various
1994 Love Notes[28] Centaur Theatre Company, Montreal Lu Hanessian[29] various
1997 La vie en bleu: comédie musicale[30] Théâtre Mogador, Paris and Monaco Robert Hossein Germaine
2009 Napoleon Talk is Free Theatre, Barrie Richard Ouzounian Therese
2011 Schwartz's: The Musical[31][32] Centaur Theatre Company, Montreal Roy Surette Amber

Animation features credits – singer[edit]

Year Title Distribution Role
1995 Le caillou et le pingouin;[33] Quebec version of The Pebble and the Penguin Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (direct to video) Marina singing voice, Quebec dub
1995 Pocahontas, une légende indienne Disney animation Pocahontas singing, Quebec dub
1998 Pocahontas 2 : À la découverte d'un monde nouveau Disney animation (direct to video) Pocahontas singing, Quebec dub


Series and television film credits – actress[edit]

Year Title Role
2003 Interlude Izumi Marufuji (English version, voice)
2006 Time Warp Trio Sophie
2007 Booky & the Secret Santa (television film) Caroler No. 1
2010 The Dating Guy Shoji (voice)
2006 –


Postcards from Buster Mora (voice) – 15 episodes

Series credits – singer/back-up vocalist[edit]

Year Title Particulars
2003 –


JoJo's Circus back-up vocalist – 8 episodes
2006 –


Postcards from Buster featured songs singer – 15 episodes

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