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Stephanie Sy
Stephanie Sy (2003)
Stephanie Sy (2003)
Born (1977-01-16) January 16, 1977 (age 41)
Southern California[1]
Alma materUniversity of Pennsylvania
OccupationNews anchor, journalist
Notable credit(s)
Al Jazeera America News CBSN ABC News CNN CNN International Yahoo! News PBS Newshour Weekend Carnegie Council
Spouse(s)David Jensen Ariosto
WebsiteStephanie Sy on Twitter

Stephanie Sy (born January 16, 1977)[2][3] is an American television news anchor and reporter formerly for Al Jazeera America. Sy was born and raised in southern California.[1] She currently lives in New York City.[4]

Youth and education[edit]

Sy graduated from the University of Pennsylvania cum laude with a double major in international relations and environmental studies in 1999.



From August 1999 to 2001 she was a reporter and fill-in anchor for WBTW in Florence, South Carolina.[5] She joined WTKR in September 2001 as a military reporter. Her reporting from Iraq while embedded in 2003 during the Iraq War led to her hiring by ABC News in the same year.[6] Sy reported from London for ABC NewsOne until 2006 when she was a New York-based correspondent. In 2007, she became ABC’s Asia Correspondent in Beijing.[7] Sy was transferred to New York in 2009 and remained there until leaving the network in 2012.[8] Other tasks at ABC included occasional fill-in anchoring on World News Now.[9]

Al Jazeera[edit]

From 2012 to 2013, she was senior editor and correspondent at Everyday Health. Sy joined Al Jazeera America in 2013 where she anchored various newscasts, primarily the weekday morning news, and conducted occasional interviews for Talk to Al Jazeera until the network's closure in 2016. Later in 2016, she was a freelance reporter for Yahoo News who did primarily did interviews for the website.

CNN, Yahoo! News, CBSN, PBS Newshour Weekend[edit]

Since around November 2017 she also is a freelancer anchor for CNN and CNN International. She fills in for Maggie Lake in CNN Money. She still also freelances for Yahoo! News and CBSN, CBS News’ online streaming service and PBS Newshour Weekend.[4]

Personal life[edit]

Sy is currently married to David Jensen Ariosto, a supervising producer for NPR's All Things Considered. The couple married on June 17th 2017. Both spouses were married before.[10] Sy brought her daughter Isabel into the marriage.[11]

Sy is member of the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs a 501(c)3 philanthropic organization committed to international cooperation based in New York City.[12]


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