Stephen (surname)

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Pronunciation Stee-ven
Region of origin English, Scottish and German
Other names
Variant(s) Stephenson, Stevens, Stephens, Fitzstephen

Stephen is a surname of English, Scottish,[1] and German origin. It is a reasonably common surname. The German variant is thought to have originated from the German-speaking world as (Von) Stephan.[citation needed]

Stephen is the 3,845 most common surname in the USA.[2]

MacStèaphain (Scottish Gaelic) Stephen is a sept of the clan MacTavish.[3] It is believed that Stephens from North East Scotland (Morayshire, Banffshire, and Aberdeenshire) south of the Moray Firth are descended from a Viking named Tarben whose longship landed in Banffshire in the late 10th century CE. His name was Christianized to Stephen.[citation needed]

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