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Stephen Barber (born 1974) is a British political scientist, political economist and author. He is Professor of Global Affairs at Regent's University London.[1] He is also a senior fellow at the Global Policy Institute.[2] He has also worked in the European Research Forum and is a former director of MBA. He is a specialist in British public policy and party politics, political economy and having worked in the City of London, the globalisation of financial markets. He holds a BA in government, an MA in contemporary history and a PhD in political science, awarded by several London universities. He is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and Member of the Securities & Investment Institute. Following the Northern Rock and banking credit crisis in 2008, he outlined his concept of a regulatory cycle of economic behaviour.[3]

He wrote and presented the [Radio 4] programme 'The Case for Doing Nothing' which was broadcast in October 2016.[4]



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