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Stephen Brodsky
Stephen Brodsky 2007.jpg
Brodsky in 2007
Background information
Also known asStove Bredsky[1]
Born (1979-04-09) April 9, 1979 (age 40)
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Stephen Brodsky is an American rock musician who is best known as being a member of Cave In, Mutoid Man, New Idea Society and Old Man Gloom. He also has a solo career, and is a former member of Converge, Kid Kilowatt, Parasite and Pet Genius.


Stephen Brodsky played in his first band in middle school, which was a two-piece called Parasite that featured drummer John-Robert Conners.[1] In early 1995, Brodsky formed the metallic hardcore band Cave In with Jay Frechette. By the time Cave In recorded its debut studio album Until Your Heart Stops, Brodsky was joined by Conners, Caleb Scofield and Adam McGrath.[2]

In the late 1990s, Brodsky worked on several other music endeavors outside of Cave In. In 1997, he joined Converge after the departure of bassist Jeff Feinburg. He performed on the band's 1998 album When Forever Comes Crashing and in the same year was replaced by Nate Newton.[3] Brodsky, while in high school and also a member of Cave In and Converge, was a member of the indie rock band Kid Kilowatt. The band also featured Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou, Cave In bassist McGrath, Piebald guitarist Aaron Stuart and drummer Matt Redmond.[4] Brodsky also began his solo career with the release of his debut album, Expose Your Overdubs in 1999.[5]

In the early 2000s, continued working on his main stint, Cave In, and his solo work. He also co-founded the band New Idea Society.

In 2006 after Cave In went on hiatus, Brodsky formed the alternative rock band Pet Genius with Cave In drummer John-Robert Conners and bassist Johnny Northrup of Clouds. The short-lived band released the Elvis Unreleased EP and a self-titled album through Hydra Head in 2007.[6] In 2008 Brodsky released a solo LP entitled "The Black Ribbon Award" under the pseudonym Stove Bredsky.[7][8] Cave In ended its hiatus in 2009 and released Planets of Old EP in 2009 and White Silence in 2011. After Cave In returned to a period of inactivity, Brodsky released a solo EP titled Hit or Mystery in 2013[9] and formed a new band titled Mutoid Man with Converge drummer Ben Koller. Mutoid Man released an EP titled Helium Head in 2013,[10] and released its first full-length album Bleeder on June 30, 2015.[citation needed]

After the death of Caleb Scofield in 2018, Brodsky began filling in for him at Old Man Gloom's benefit shows and would later that year become an official member of the band.[11][12]



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