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Stephen Fry (non-promotional picture)

Stephen Fry: Out There is a two-part 2013 television documentary in which Stephen Fry explores attitudes to homosexuality and the lives of gay people in different parts of the globe.[1]

Episode 1[edit]

Stephen Fry meets Elton John and David Furnish, the couple who inspired Stephen to be open about his sexuality as well as many others. Stephen travels to Uganda, where the government was considering, and in January 2014 implemented, a new law that would make homosexuality a capital crime - putting gay people to death for their sexuality. Stephen also travels to the USA to explore 'reparative therapy', and talks to Neil Patrick Harris, David Ross, and Joseph Nicolosi.[2][3]

Episode 2[edit]

Stephen visits Brazil where one gay person is murdered every 36 hours, and interviews Brazilian anti-homosexuality politician Jair Bolsonaro. Fry also visits Russia and speaks with politician Vitaly Milonov.[2] Episode 2 also covers the ostracism of hijras in India.[3]


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