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Stephen Fung
Stephen Fung at Toronto Film Festival 2012 (1).jpg
Stephen Fung Q&A at a screening for Tai Chi Zero, Toronto Film Festival 2012
Chinese name 馮德倫 (traditional)
Chinese name 冯德伦 (simplified)
Born (1974-08-09) August 9, 1974 (age 41)
Hong Kong
Occupation actor, director, producer
Years active 1990–present
Alma mater University of Michigan

Stephen Fung (Chinese: 馮德倫, Fung Tak-Lun; born 9 August 1974) is a Hong Kong based actor, singer, writer and film director.


Stephen Fung Tak-Lun was born in Hong Kong, and is a graduate of the University of Michigan. Stephen made his acting debut in Forbidden Nights (1990), playing the childhood version of the male lead. By 1998, Stephen was voted by the Hong Kong press as "Upcoming Actor of the Year." In 2004, Stephen wrote/directed/starred in his feature film directorial debut "Enter the Phoenix" for Jackie Chan's newly formed company JCE Movies; it became an instant hit. His second directing/starring feature "House of Fury" marks Stephen's first collaboration with legendary action director Yuen Wo Ping proves also to be a success. "House of Fury" was the opening film for the Hong Kong International Film Festival 2005, official selection for the 18TH Tokyo International Film Festival, and at home, the highest grossing Hong Kong film for the first half of 2005. Besides continuing with his acting career, Stephen directed "JUMP" written and produced by Stephen Chow for Sony Columbia Pictures Asia. In 2012 Stephen directed the first two installment "Tai Chi Zero" and "Tai Chi Hero" in the "Taichi Trilogy." The two films has a combined gross of over 50 million US dollars worldwide.


  • Stockholm Film Festival, Best Director Bronze Horse Award Nomination,
  • Hong Kong Film Awards, Best New Director Nomination 2005
  • Channel V China, Best New Director Award, 2009
  • Golden Melody Awards, Best Music Video Director Award, 2007





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Ai Bu Gou/Love Not Enough (Album) (1999)

Track Listing:

  1. 我走走走
  2. 愛不夠
  3. 愛我2000
  4. 愛情肥皂劇
  5. 偷看
  6. 恨我還想你
  7. 別來煩我
  9. 問號

Gen-X Cops (Soundtrack) (1999)

Track Listing:

  1. YOU CAN'T STOP ME(Cantonese)
  2. XXXX
  3. 非走不可 (Remix)
  5. CAN'T STOP ME (Mandarin)
  6. TERROR FROM SUNRISE (Instrumental)
  7. THE GEN-X RAVE (Instrumental)
  8. BAPTISM OF FIRE (Instrumental)
  9. THE FINAL JUMP (Instrumental)
  10. THE ERUPTION (Instrumental)

4 Green Hopes (EP) (2000)

Track Listing:

  1. 新鮮人~ Green Hope
  2. 新鮮人~ Luv Theme Whisper
  3. 新鮮人~ Taylor Mix
  4. 新鮮人~ Wah Wah Green Hope Mix


Album # Album Information
1st Dry One
2nd Dry Two
3rd Dry Free
4th Dry & Friends Music Is Alive

Contributions to other albums[edit]

Album Information Tracks Contributed
The Prophecy (世紀預言) 11. "Without Me" (Music & Lyrics)
Me 12. "Let Me Die" (Lyrics)
Love Me Or Not (愛我不愛) 5. "North Pole Snow" (Duet with Kelly Chen)


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