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Stephen Samuel Gelbart (born June 12, 1946) is an American-Israeli mathematician who holds the Nicki and J. Ira Harris Professorial Chair in mathematics at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel.[1] He was named a fellow of the American Mathematical Society in 2013 "for contributions to the development and dissemination of the Langlands program."[2]

Gelbart was born in Syracuse, New York. He graduated from Cornell University in 1967,[1] and earned a Ph.D. from Princeton University in 1970, with a dissertation on Fourier analysis supervised by Elias M. Stein.[3] He returned to Cornell as an assistant professor in 1971, was promoted to full professor in 1980, moved to the Weizmann Institute in 1984, and was given his named chair in 1998. He was president of the Israel Mathematical Union from 1994 to 1996.[1] His doctoral students include Erez Lapid.

Selected publications[edit]


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