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Stephen Geller (b. Los Angeles, California[1]) is an American screenwriter and novelist. He wrote the screenplay for the film adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut's novel Slaughterhouse-Five, and has worked in the film industry in Hollywood and Europe. Geller recently directed his own independent feature, Mother's Little Helpers.


Educated at Dartmouth College[1] and Yale University, Geller moved to Rome, Italy in 1969–79 to work for the Italian producer, Dino De Laurentiis, where he wrote the screenplay for The Valachi Papers, among other films. Rome became his home for the next sixteen years. He worked in the Italian, French, British and independent film industries. He also commuted to LA, and wrote for every major studio during that period. Eventually, in 1986, he returned to Hollywood, working there for a time, but leaving eventually to found screenwriting programs at Arizona State University, and at the Boston University College of Communication.

His screenwriting credits, in addition to Slaughterhouse-Five, include Ashanti, The Valachi Papers, and Warburg: A Man of Influence, and "Mother's Little Helpers."

In 1997, Geller directed, co-wrote and acted in the play, "Opportunities in Zero Gravity" with his writing partner and wife, Kae Geller. This two actor, seven character play thematically wove monologues around popular cultural mythology, capitalism, and the pursuit of the American Dream.

Aside from screenwriting, he has also published eleven novels and a book on screenwriting, has written several plays, and has directed both theater and film. He currently teaches Shakespeare, satire, and the personal essay at Savannah College of Art and Design. His most recent novel is A Warning of Golems.



  • She Let Him Continue (1966) (made into the film Pretty Poison (1968)).
  • Pit Bull (1967)
  • Joop's Dance (1969)
  • Gad (1976)
  • Feist (2012)
  • Jews on the Moon (2013)
  • Jews Beyond Jupiter (2013)
  • Jews in Black Holes (2013)
  • Jews and the Theories of String (2013)
  • Jews at the Table, Vols 1&2 (the previous four novels, set in two editions) (2013)
  • A Warning of Golems (2013)
  • Martinis at Dawn (2014)
  • Jews in the Bosom of the Big Bang (2014)

'Jews in dark matter: with Jesus, the Christ, and other Big Surprises.' (2017)


  • Screenwriting: A Method (1985)

Sabbath-on-Swathe: an author-ized autobiography (2018)



Stephen Geller's blog combines personal reflections, critiques of film, music, and art, as well as excerpts from his fiction and poetry. Stephen Geller's wife, Kae, was an elite level ice dancer, and is a writer, educator, and performer. Their daughter, Florrie, is a professional ballet dancer.


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