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Stephen K. Ibaraki is a researcher in information processing, who has been a college teacher, head of research, advanced professional programmer,[1] an industry analyst,[2] writer [3] [4] [5] [6][7] [8] and consultant[9] in the IT industry, and the past president of the Canadian Information Processing Society.[10] Ibaraki is vice-chair of the international advisory board International Federation for Information Processing World CIO Forum, International Federation for Information Processing IP3 vice-chair, founder and chairman Global Industry Council, and founding chairman GITCA.[11] [12] [13]

Stephen is a recipient of the Advanced Technology Award,[14] IT Hero Award,[1] IT Leadership Awards for Lifetime Achievement,[2] Best Networking Professional Career Achievement Award,[3] Gary Hadford Professional Achievement Award,[4] CIPS Hall of Fame,[5][6] Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Awards and top 5 selection[7][8] ,[15] 2006 inducted as a founding Fellow of the Canadian Information Processing Society,[16] inducted as first fellow GITCA ,[17] and inducted as a distinguished fellow NPA.[18]


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