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Sir Stephen Jenyns (c. 1450–1523)[1] was a wool merchant from Wolverhampton who became Lord Mayor of London.

He was a Sheriff of London in 1499, before becoming Lord Mayor in 1509. He founded Wolverhampton Grammar School in 1512.[2]


The son of William Jenyns, he was born at Wolverhampton before 1450. He settled in London, became a prominent member of the Merchant Taylors' Company, and served the office of Master in 1489. He grew rich, and was an alderman of the city of London. He became Sheriff of London in 1498, and was chosen Lord Mayor in 1508. He was present at the funeral of Henry VII, and was knighted at the coronation of Henry VIII.[3]

In 1508 Jenyns bought land at Wolverhampton, and later the Rushocke estate near the town. He died in 1524, and was buried in the church of the Grey Friars; a solemn obit was kept at his funeral.[3]


Jenyns obtained a license, 22 September 1512, to found the Wolverhampton grammar school, and applied the Rushocke estate to its maintenance. The school remained under the control of the Merchant Taylors' Company until 1766.[3]

When the church of St Andrew Underclift was rebuilt in 1520, Jenyns, according to John Stow, paid for much of the work. He left by will large estates to the Merchant Taylors' Company.[3]



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