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Stephen John Kalinich (born in Endicott, New York, United States) is an American poet mostly known for his collaborations with the American band the Beach Boys. He is also known for his 1969 album A World of Peace Must Come, which was a collaboration between him and Beach Boy bandleader Brian Wilson. The album remained unreleased until 2008.


Kalinich drifted from the East Coast to California in the mid-1960s, transferring from New York's Harpur College (now Binghamton University) to UCLA. Immersing himself in the anti-war movement, he began working the LA scene as a poet and performer, appearing at venues such as The Troubadour (Los Angeles). At an early age, he began writing poems and articles about World Peace. He has said, "Very early I wanted to be an influence for peace and good in the world."[citation needed]

An album, Leaves of Grass, co-written with Kalinich's early collaborator Mark Buckingham, was recorded in 1966 but radio stations would not play it, wrongly assuming it was about marijuana.[citation needed] At the time, Kalinich was studying and working at a gas station. As the hippie movement snowballed, the Doors and Love were exposing the dark underbelly of the 1960s dream. Kalinich's poetry rests on that pivot point.


Kalinich's works include:

  • America
  • America, I Know You
  • A World of Peace Must Come
  • Be Still
  • Bring in the Poets
  • Candy Face Lane
  • If You Knew
  • You Are the Trigger

He is also a spoken word performer often backed by original music. Titles include:

  • The Magic Hand
  • Galactic Symphonies

Music collaborations[edit]

While under contract as an artist signed to the Beach Boy's Brother Records, Kalinich co-wrote several songs released by the group including "All I Want to Do", "Be Still", "Little Bird",[1] and "A Time to Live in Dreams" with Dennis Wilson.

Kalinich is the lyricist and co-publisher for Brian Wilson's duet with Paul McCartney "A Friend Like You", on Wilson's 2004 solo album release, Gettin' In Over My Head.

Kalinich also has collaborated with a number of recording artists, performers, and musicians including P.F. Sloan, Art Munson, Kenny Hirsch, Randy Crawford, Mary Wilson of the Supremes, Fernando Perdomo, Odyssey, Clifton Davis, Chris M. Allport (composer), and Diana Ross.


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