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Replica Bee with a train in 2005
Replica Ant outside the shed in 2005

Stephen Lewin of Poole, Dorset, England was a builder of steamboats and steam locomotives.


Only a small number of locomotives were built, including:


The 0-4-0ST locomotive preserved at Beamish Museum is the former Seaham Harbour Dock Company No.18. It was built in 1877 (Works No.683) as a well tank, later modified with side 'wing' tanks and in 1936 outshopped as a saddle tank after extensive rebuilding at the Seaham Harbour Engine Works. The above dates are a result of new research by the curator currently charged with restoring the locomotive to working order (as a saddle tank) and can be verified against assumptions made in some established texts. The locomotive was supplied to the Londonderry Railway, who operated Seaham Harbour, transferring to the SHDC in 1899 upon the latter's incorporation. Withdrawn from service in 1969/70, the locomotive was condemned as a working engine, later being transferred to the collection at Beamish (The North of England Open Air Museum). In 1977 it was 'restored' to its as-built appearance by Laings of Hartlepool, returning to Beamish where it was operated for four years. It was later loaned to a group based at Padiham Power Station, though their restoration attempt failed. Returned to Beamish it was placed on display with some work to restore it being completed before a serious bid was commenced in 2005. Now returned to steam, the loco has run a few times at Beamish, with some fettling still to do. It made a brief visit back to its former home of Seaham in 2011.


Ant and Bee were scrapped but replicas have been built for the Great Laxey Mine Railway


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