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Stephen Mansfield
Stephen Mansfield Press Photo.jpg
Stephen Mansfield press photo
Born Stephen Lee Mansfield
Georgia, United States of America[1]
Residence Nashville, Tennessee[1]
Nationality American[1]
Citizenship United States of America[1]
Occupation Author, orator[1]
Notable work The Faith of George W. Bush, The Faith of the American Soldier, Benedict XVI: His Life and Mission, The Faith of Barack Obama, Lincoln's Battle with God, The Search for God and Guinness[1]
Spouse(s) Beverly Mansfield[1]

Stephen Lee Mansfield (born 1958) is an American author who writes about men's issues, leadership, history and modern culture. His books have appeared on the New York Times best-seller list.[2]

Life and career[edit]

Mansfield was born in Columbus, Georgia, the son of a U.S. Army officer.[3] His family lived on military posts around the United States, though the majority of his early years were spent in Germany, particularly in Berlin during the Cold War.[4][5]

His first book, Never Give In: The Extraordinary Character of Winston Churchill, was released in 1995 and became an Evangelical Christian Press Association Gold Medallion Finalist. He followed this with biographies of Booker T. Washington and George Whitefield. In 1996, Governor Don Sundquist asked Mansfield to write the history of religion in Tennessee for that state’s bicentennial.[6]

In 2003, Mansfield wrote The Faith of George W. Bush, which appeared on the New York Times bestseller list.[7]

Mansfield wrote a series of histories and biographies following his book on Bush’s faith. His Pope Benedict XVI: His Life and Mission told the life story of the newly elected pope. He wrote The Faith of the American Soldier after being embedded with U.S. soldiers in Iraq in early 2005. He also wrote The Search for God and Guinness about the 250-year history of social reform efforts by the world’s best-known brewing company. In 2008, Mansfield wrote The Faith of Barack Obama.[8] The book was much discussed in major media during the 2008 presidential race between Barack Obama and John McCain.

In 2012, Mansfield wrote The Mormonizing of America to chronicle the saga of American Mormonism and its influence in U.S. society. He also wrote Lincoln’s Battle with God[9] about the sixteenth president’s struggle with his personal faith and with a religious perspective on the American Civil War. James M. Cornelius, curator of the Lincoln Collection at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield, Illinois, wrote of Mansfield’s book, “The light of Lincoln’s growing faith finally shines forth through the thicket of conflicting views and opinions that have been handed down to us. The author sorts these deftly, and provides a clear path toward Lincoln’s heart and mind.”[10]

In May 2013, Mansfield released Killing Jesus, a retelling of the historical events surrounding the death of Jesus Christ that Publishers Weekly described as "masterful."[11] This same year, Mansfield released Mansfield’s Book of Manly Men, a hard-hitting call for men to end the downward spiral of western manhood and to reclaim both the joys and the responsibilities of true manhood. The book has inspired men’s events in the U.S. and Asia.

In 2012, this author’s The Miracle of the Kurds was released just as Kurdish troops were taking an heroic stand against the evils of ISIS in the Middle East. The book has been named “Book of the Year” by Rudaw, the leading Kurdish news service, and has been celebrated by the Kurdish government in Iraqi Kurdistan.

In addition to his writing, Mansfield speaks widely and coaches leaders worldwide.[12] He appears regularly on the FOX and CNN news networks.[13] He is married to songwriter and producer Beverly Darnall.[14]


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  • Faithful Volunteers: The History of Religion in Tennessee (Cumberland House Press, 1997)[6]
  • Then Darkness Fled: The Liberating Philosophy of Booker T. Washington (Cumberland House Press, 1999)[16]
  • Forgotten Founding Father: The Heroic Life of George Whitefield (Cumberland House Press, 2001)[17]
  • The Faith of George W. Bush (Penguin, 2003)[18] New York Times Bestseller,[19] Audie Award Winner,[20] 2004 Retailers Choice Award Winner[21]
  • Derek Prince: A Biography" (Charisma House, 2005)
  • The Faith of the American Soldier (Penguin, 2005)[22]
  • Pope Benedict XVI: His Life and Mission (Penguin, 2006)[23]
  • No Retreat, No Surrender (Penguin, 2007)
  • The Faith of Barack Obama (Thomas Nelson, 2008)[24]
  • Paul Harvey’s America with David Holland (Tyndale, 2009)[25] 2010 Retailers Choice Award Winner[26]
  • The Search for God and Guinness (Thomas Nelson, 2009)[27]
  • The Faith and Values of Sarah Palin with David Holland (Charisma House, 2010)[28]
  • Where Has Oprah Taken Us? The Religious Impact of the World’s Most Famous Woman (Thomas Nelson, 2011)[29]
  • The Mormonizing of America (Worthy Publishers, 2012)[30]
  • Lincoln’s Battle With God (Thomas Nelson, 2012)[31]
  • Killing Jesus (Worthy Publishing, 2013)[32]
  • The Miracle of the Kurds: A Remarkable Story of Hope Reborn In Northern Iraq (Worthy Publishing, 2014)


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