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Stephen McGann explaining herd immunity at the 2015 Cambridge Science Festival

Stephen McGann (born 2 February 1963 in Kensington, Liverpool, Merseyside )[1] is an English actor, one of a family of acting brothers including Joe, Paul, and Mark.[2] He began his professional career in 1982, starring in the West End musical Yakety Yak. He has since worked extensively in British theatre and on screen.[3]

In 1989, he starred as Mickey in the West End hit musical Blood Brothers. In 1990, he played Johann Strauss in the international mini-series, The Strauss Dynasty.[4] In 1993, he created, co-produced and starred in the award-winning BBC drama The Hanging Gale. He portrayed the character of Sean Reynolds in Emmerdale from 1999 to 2002.[5] In 2003, he starred with Jamie Theakston in the hit West End play 'Art'.[6] In 2006, he played the role of the Reverend Shaw in the original West End cast of the musical Footloose. He can currently be seen playing Dr. Turner in BBC TV series Call the Midwife.

McGann is also a public speaker and communicator of science, having graduated from Imperial College London with a master's degree in Science Communication.[7] He was a guest speaker at the Cambridge Science Festival [8] in March 2015, and published a guest essay in The journal of the Royal Society of Medicine in April 2015,[9] discussing issues of medical accuracy and communication in Call the Midwife. In January 2016, McGann published a companion book to Call the Midwife called Doctor Turner's Casebook, in which he revisits key medical cases featured in the TV series and discusses their historical and social contexts.[10] The BBC screened a documentary special based on the book, titled Call The Midwife: The Casebook, on 15 January 2017.[11]

Personal life[edit]

Stephen McGann is married to screenwriter and Call the Midwife creator Heidi Thomas[12] and has one child, Dominic.


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