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Stephen McGuire (born 18 August 1984) is a British Boccia player.[1]

Personal life[edit]

McGuire was born on 18 August 1984, in Bellshill, North Lanarkshire, Scotland.[1] He was born with muscular dystrophy, a degenerative condition that means he requires the use of a wheelchair.[2]

McGuire is known to work in the community, helping with disabled young people and is an ambassador for the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign. He is currently training for more competitions.


He competes in the BC4 classification. In pairs events he competes with his brother Peter who also has muscular dystrophy.[2]

McGuire is the most successful British BC4 Boccia athlete; a seven-time Scottish Champion and a nine-time British Champion. Competing with his brother Peter he won the gold medal in the BC4 pairs event at the 2009 European Championships held in Porto, Portugal. In 2010, they won the silver medal at the World Championships in Lisbon, Portugal.[1] Other major championship medals include European Silver from Hamar, Norway 2011 as well as retaining European Gold in the Pairs event in 2013, multiple World Open medals in Povoa Portugal, Montreal Canada and reaching he pinacle of his career by securing the World Championship Individual Gold medal in Beijing 2016.[3]

In 2012 both Stephen and Peter were selected as part of the boccia squad for Great Britain at the 2012 Summer Paralympics.[4] In the lead up to the games they participated in a documentary detailing their journey through life and into sport.[5]

McGuire is currently 2nd in the world of Boccia

McGuire maintains a healthy relationship with his fellow players. His further goals are to win Paralmpyic Gold in Rio 2016. If selected he will attend the Games in Rio as ranked number 2 and current World Champion.


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