Stephen Philips

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Stephen Philips
Origin United States
Genres Ambient music
Drone music
Micro Ambient
Years active 1986–current
Labels Dark Duck Records
Hypnos Recordings
Blue Water Records
Endless Ascent
Dark Winter
Earth Mantra
Associated acts Numina
Lucette Bourdin
Ben Summers

Stephen Philips is an ambient drone musician who has releases on such major ambient labels as Hypnos, Blue Water Records, Gears of Sand, and his own record label, Dark Duck Records.[1]

Philips has been producing and releasing music since 1988 on his own label as well as other indie ambient labels, and also collaborating with many other ambient artists such as Austere, Rigel Orionis, IXOHOXI, Numina, Ben Fleury-Steiner, Isomorph, Palancar, and others.[citation needed] He is also the major contributor to his own Drone Download Project series of online releases which are then put together as CD compilations at the end of each year.[citation needed]


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