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Stephen Pollington is an English historian who specialises in the study of Anglo-Saxon England and the Old English language who has written a number of books on the subject, most of which have been published by the company Anglo-Saxon Books.

In 2010, Pollington co-authored Wayland's Work: Anglo-Saxon Art, Myth and Material Culture 4th-7th Century with Lindsay Kerr and Brett Hammond. It received a positive review in Antiquaries Journal for its "synthesis of current knowledge."[1] The Council for British Archaeology's magazine British Archaeology, however, was largely critical of the use of "original research and non specialist summary."[2] A paper based on his keynote speech at the Cambridge conference ‘Medieval Feasting, Hospitality and Gift-Exchange’ (August 2009) was published as ‘The Mead-Hall Community’ in Journal of Medieval History Volume 37, Issue 1, March 2011.

He provided the voice of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle for the Mayavision - BBC television series King Alfred and the Anglo Saxons in which the Chronicle entries were read in Old English.

Pollington co-authored a report on the making of a replica of the Sutton Hoo stone with Paul Mortimer and its wider implications, from which he was invited to present a paper at the Wystawa podczas konferencji archeologicznej w Bytowie in September 2014 (proceedings forthcoming).

Pollington was formerly a trustee of the Steadfast Trust, an English nationalist charity founded in 2004 by Tony Linsell which is based in Macclesfield, Cheshire.[3]



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