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Stephen Russell
Stephen L. Russell Animate Florida 2017.jpg
Russell at Animate Florida in 2017
OccupationActor, writer, theatre director, voice actor
Notable work
The Elder Scrolls
Dishonored 2

Stephen Russell is an American actor, writer, theater director, and voice actor best known for his voice acting in the Thief video game series as the protagonist Garrett and the Mr. Handys in the Fallout series.[1][2]


Russell appeared in Huntington's The Last Hurrah. Other area credits include The Life of Galileo (Underground Railway Theater), The Bottom of the Lake (Tir Na Theatre), Daughter of Venus (Boston Playwrights' Theatre), A Pinter Duet, A House With No Walls, and White People (New Repertory Theatre), And Then There Were None and A Prayer for Owen Meany (Stoneham Theatre), Talley's Folly (The Lyric Stage Company of Boston), and more than two dozen productions with the Wellfleet Harbor Actors' Theatre (WHAT), including The Beauty Queen of Leenane with Julie Harris and the Eliott Norton Award-winning production of A New War.[3] He is the author of 13 plays for young audiences and the winner of the 2009 WHAT Award for Sustained Artistic Excellence.[3]

Russell made his debut film appearances as Bob in the 2007 film Noëlle and in 2008 appeared as Luther Norris in the film Chatham. In 2009, he played a minor role in the film The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.

Russell also voiced the character of Karras, Garrett's chief antagonist in Thief II: The Metal Age, as well as many of the supporting characters in the series, such as the guards. He contributed the voice of the starship Von Braun's central computer XERXES and that of William Bedford Diego in System Shock 2. He also provided the voices of Andy, Mister Buckingham, The Great One, Wadsworth, Sergeant RL-3, Cerberus, Enclave Scientists, an Enclave Soldier at the end of the quest "Finding the Garden of Eden", and every Mr. Handy in Fallout 3, Fallout 4, and Fallout 76. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim features Russell voicing a range of characters, including Barbas the talking dog, Daedric Prince Clavicus Vile, Belethor, and Mercer Frey, the leader of the Thieves Guild. In Fallout 4, he voices Codsworth and the android detective Nick Valentine.

Russell did not return to the franchise in the 2014 Thief game because it used a technique called "full performance capture" to make the character models, which requires the voice actors to do all their own stunts. He provided the voice for Lord Protector Corvo Attano in the 2016 video game Dishonored 2.

Voice acting credits[edit]

Year Title Role Notes Source
1998 Thief: The Dark Project Garrett, Statue, Raoul, Guards, Hammerites, Servants    
1999 System Shock 2 Announcer, William Bedford Diego, The Many, OnceGrunt, XERXES    
2000 Thief II: The Metal Age Garrett, Karras, Guards, Civilians, Hammerite    
2002 Arx Fatalis Fallan Orbiplanax, Undead Creatures, Goblins, Enoill Calpale, Sacred Dagger Also speech director  
2002 Freedom Force Man O' War, Time Master, Iron Ox, Pan, Pinstripe, Civilian Male, Judge    
2003 Neverwinter Nights: Shadows of Undrentide Additional voices    
2004 Thief: Deadly Shadows Garrett    
2005 Freedom Force vs The 3rd Reich Iron Ox, Man 'O' War, Blitzkrieg, Charles Wilson, Pan, Pinstripe, Time Master, Pierre    
2006 Mage Knight: Apocalypse Additional voices    
2008 Fallout 3 Andy, Mister Buckingham, The Great One, others   [4]
2011 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Mercer Frey, Clavicus Vile, Barbas, others   [4]
2015 The Magic Circle The Old Pro   [4]
2015 Fallout 4 Nick Valentine, Codsworth, Mr. Handy, others    
2016 Fallout 4 Far Harbor DiMA, Nick Valentine, others    
2016 Dishonored 2 Corvo Attano    
2017 Prey Dr. Sylvain Bellamy   [4]
2018 Fallout 76 Mister Handy, Giles Sweetwater, Zeke, others   [4]
2018 Underworld Ascendant Cabirus    
2019 ZED The Dreamer    


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