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Stephen Sayadian, also known as Rinse Dream, is a writer, production-designer and director active in the 1980s and 1990s.[1]

He began his career as a creative director for Larry Flynt Publications.[citation needed] He co-wrote, designed, and directed the motion-pictures Nightdreams (parts 2 & 3), Café Flesh, Party Doll a-Go-Go (parts 1 & 2),[1] and Dr. Caligari, a semi-sequel to the 1919 film The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. The film premiered as an opening night selection (Midnight Madness) at the Toronto International Film Festival.[citation needed]

In addition to film and videos, he designed and directed for network television, MTV, and the stage.[citation needed] As a print art director, he collaborated on numerous motion-picture one-sheets including films by Brian De Palma, John Carpenter, and Tobe Hooper.[citation needed] His print work has appeared in many publications, including Zoom magazine.[citation needed]


Further reading[edit]

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