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Stephen T. Chang (張緒通) is a Chinese author and scholar.

Early life[edit]

Born and raised in China, Chang has been studying Taoist medicine since he was six years old in a family who has practiced medicine for well over 400 years. Chang's grandmother was a master physician, while his great-grandfather was a physician and professor to the Emperor of China (Tung Tse) and Empress Tse Shi (Ci Xi) (慈禧) as well as the first Chinese ambassador to the United States during the Benjamin Harrison administration (1889–1893).


Chang holds degrees in medicine, law, theology and philosophy. He is Honorable Professor at University of Beijing; The Peoples University, China; Chung Wa University, China; Ai Ji University, Japan; Oslo University, Norway; among others. He has taught and lectured at universities around the world on Taoist medicine and lifestyle at: University Of California, Berkeley; Stanford University California; The Chinese Medical Assoc., London; University Of California, Santa Cruz, California; 5 Branches School of Chinese Medicine, Santa Cruz, California; Chi Nei Tsang Inst., Berkeley, California; University Of Tao Management, China.

He is former President of the Chinese Medicine Research Institute in San Francisco, California in the United States, former Vice-President of the Chinese Medical Assoc. in Japan and founder of The Foundation of Tao in San Francisco, California.

Selected bibliography[edit]