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Stephen Thompson (born 1965 or 1966)[1] is the chairman of Scottish football club Dundee United. He is the son of former chairman Eddie Thompson, who died of prostate cancer in October 2008. Stephen Thompson then succeeded to the chair of Dundee United.[2]

Involvement with Dundee United[edit]

Thompson joined the Dundee United board in 2002 whilst taking on the role as Marketing Director at Morning, Noon and Night.[3] His father Eddie Thompson was the founder and Chief executive at Morning, Noon and Night and also the chairman of Dundee United. In February 2008, his father promoted him as chief executive with immediate effect.[4] Following the Scottish Cup victory, Thompson says he dedicated the cup to his late father.[5]

Thompson told BBC Scotland that the Old Firm leaving Scottish Premier League could damage the Scotland's top flight.[6] Thompson was an opponent of the proposal to reduce the Scottish Premier League from 12 clubs to 10.[7]

Thompson was also a member of the board of the Scottish Premier League until his resignation in late November 2012, citing "professional differences".[8] The resignation was explained over a clash with Ralph Topping and claims over leaking sensitive information.[9]

In February 2014, Thompson managed to help the club pay off their debt to the bank, the club have loaned.[10] The announcement were welcomed by financial experts.[11] Recent years, the club previously sold Johnny Russell to Derby County for £750,000 and David Goodwillie to Blackburn Rovers for £2 million.[10] Thompson says he was able to mend the club's mistakes during his father reign as the chairman and now handles their finance.[12]

In September 2014, Thompson revealed the investor was interested buying the club earlier this 2014. However, Thompson rejected the approach.[13]


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