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Stephen Tong
Mr. Tong.jpg
Born1940 (age 78–79)[1]
EducationBachelor of Theology, Southeast Asia Bible Seminary
OccupationPastor, evangelist, teacher, conductor, composer, architect, writer
Spouse(s)Sulfie Lalujawati (original name) or Alice Tong (married name)[2]
ChildrenElizabeth, David, Eunice, Rebecca[2]
Parent(s)Tong Pai Hu (father)
Tan Tjien Nio (mother)[3]
ChurchReformed Evangelical Church of Indonesia
Offices held
Head of Synod, Reformed Evangelical Church of Indonesia
President, Stephen Tong Evangelistic Ministries International (STEMI)
TitleDoctor (Honorary)[5]
Stephen Tong
Traditional Chinese唐崇榮

Stephen Tong Tjong Eng (Chinese: 唐崇榮; pinyin: Táng Chóngróng; Jyutping: tong4 sung4 wing4, born 1940) is a Chinese Indonesian Reformed pastor, evangelist, teacher and musician. He heads the Reformed Evangelical Church of Indonesia, which houses the megachurch Messiah Cathedral, and is one of the largest Christian Reformed church facilities in Southeast Asia.[6][7] He has preached in countries around the world, and guest lectured at theological seminaries and schools.[8]

Early life[edit]

Tong was born in 1940 in Xiamen, China,[9]:8 from the couples of Tong Pai Hu, a businessman whose family was highly regarded by the Qing government,[10] and Tan Tjien Nio (Indonesian name: Dorcas Tanjowati).[11] He is the sixth of eight children,[9] only one of whom was a girl.[note 1] his father died when Stephen was 3; his family wealth had eroded during the years of Japanese imperialism.[13] At that time, Tong's mother fostered their brothers and sister alone.[14]

In 1949, he with his mother and siblings migrated to Surabaya, Indonesia, to find a better place of living during the Chinese Communist Revolution.[13] He completed primary education at Min Guang Primary School and he graduated from Chung Hwa High School (中華高中學) in 1958. Though he had not graduated yet, he had been teaching as either assistant or formal teacher from 1957 till 1960 at Zhong Guo Nui Xue School and Yi Xing Night School.[9]:8

When Tong was 15 years old, he had strong beliefs in communism, which he called "Karl Marx's dialectical materialism". He ascribed to Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, and had a deep hatred towards Christianity, which he regarded as "the foolish religion which came from the devilish West and has illogical teachings".[15] However, he respected that her mother had a devoted spiritual life: "When I was small, the first words I'd hear in the morning were those of my mother while she prayed. She prayed for each of us children by name, and asked God to guide us.".[16]

In 1957, his mother asked him to attend a Christian Youth Conference that was conducted by the Southeast Asia Bible Seminary (SEABS) (Indonesian: Madrasah Alkitab Asia Tenggara, now Seminari Alkitab Asia Tenggara, SAAT) in Malang in 1957. On 9 January, the last day of the conference, when Andrew Gih gave a revival sermon, Tong became a Christian.[17] He began to share the Gospel, and taught children in Christian schools. In 1960, he enrolled in SEABS,[18] and later graduated with a Bachelor of Theology in 1964. He then joined SEABS's faculty, and taught theology and philosophy classes from 1964 to 1988.[9]:8[19]


While he was a teacher at SABS, Tong served as an evangelist at THKTKH (Min Nan: Tiong Hoa Kie Tok Kauw Hwee [中华基督教会]); (Indonesian: Gereja Kristus Tionghua, now GKT (Gereja Kristus Tuhan)), transliterated "Church of Christ The Lord",[20] and travelled weekly between Malang and Surabaya.[note 2][21]

Around at that time, he had tried leading some Gospel Rallies in various cities in Indonesia. Then since 1969, he received invitations to lead Gospel Rallies in various countries, including Europe, America, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, etc. It is especially for Chinese and Indonesian speakers. In 1974, he started to hold seminars in Surabaya to provide truthful doctrinal understanding for churches in Indonesia.[9]:9

In 1978, he along with Jahja Ling established Stephen Tong Evangelistic Ministries International (STEMI).[9]:9 One of its goals is to equip people for full-time ministry.[22] He preaches at cities across Southeast Asia.

In 1982, he received his ordination as pastor. He served at GKT (Indonesian: Gereja Kristus Tuhan, "Church of Christ The Lord"), then ministered in GKA (Indonesian: Gereja Kristen Abdiel, "Servant Christian Church").[23] He has conducted services in Mandarin and Indonesian, but some of his speaking engagements have been in Fujian and English.[19]

Since then, he has guest lectured in Theology and delivered sermons in various prominent universities at the China Graduate School of Theology (Hong Kong), China Evangelical Seminary (Taiwan), Trinity Theological College (Singapore), Regent College (Canada), and universities in the United States, including: Westminster Theological Seminary, Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Yale, University of California Berkeley, University of Maryland, Columbia University, Cornell University, etc.[9]:9

Since the GRII has found in 1998, his services have extended to many major cities in Indonesia, including Surabaya, Medan, Malang, Bandung, especially during the Christmas and Easter seasons.[24][25] To maintain contact with the cities outside Jakarta, he established STEMI branch offices in each of the areas. He added offices in the United States and the European Union.[26]

Since 2000, he travels weekly to around 5 countries (Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan) to serve tirelessly for approximately 6000 audiences.[9]:9 In 2009, Ric Cannada, Chancellor of Reformed Theological Seminary, noted in his school's newsletter that Tong's weekly preaching schedule included "two Sunday services in Jakarta; every Sunday evening at two services in a church in Singapore; every Monday evening at a church in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; every Tuesday night at a church in Hong Kong; and every Wednesday night at a church in Taipei, Taiwan."[27]

Reformed Evangelical Movement[edit]

Tong observed that many churches have been influenced by worldly philosophy, and ones that were loyal to the genuine teaching of the Bible were rare. In 1984, he started the Reformed Evangelical Movement with the purpose of restoring the understanding of theology based on God's revelation in the Scripture and igniting people with zeal for evangelism.[need quotation to verify] The movement is "aimed at meeting the challenge of the Charismatic movement as well as liberalism."[28] He conducted theological seminars such as the Christian Faith Development Seminar (Indonesian: Seminar Pembinaan Iman Kristen, SPIK),[19] to introduce Reformed theology to the people in Jakarta. His first seminar, "Faith and Religion", was attended by about 1,200 people.[citation needed] He would later adapt the seminars into books and multimedia, which he publishes in-house.[29] The SPIK seminars have become the source material for the Indonesian Reformed Evangelical Institution (Indonesian: Lembaga Reformed Injili Indonesia, LRII), a seminary which Tong co-founded with pastors Caleb Tong and Yakub Susabda in 1986.[19]

In 1986, Tong started the Evangelical Reformed High School for laymen in Surabaya. In 1987, he started a similar high school in Jakarta, and in 1990, he started one in Malang. The goal is to encourage Christian congregations from all denominations to study Calvinist theology.[citation needed] He has served as a rector for these schools.[19]

Reformed Evangelical Church of Indonesia[edit]

Messiah Cathedral, captured from Kemayoran Street.

Stephen Tong founded the Reformed Evangelical Church of Indonesia in 1989 to establish a church based on Reformed theology and congregations that are committed to evangelism. He is currently the Head of Synod. Although the church subscribes to the Reformed confessions, it also has its specific confessions of faith.[28][further explanation needed] In 2004, GRII had congregations in five Indonesian cities and has expanded to branch churches around the world in Asia, Australia, Germany, and North America.

Tong personally designed the Messiah Cathedral (Indonesian: Katedral Mesias), whose proposal took 15 years to approve.[6][30] Opening ceremonies took place on 18–20 September 2008, including a classical music concert and a dedication service.[31] The building has 600,000 square feet (56,000 m2) of space,[6][7][32] and two auditoriums that seat up to 8,000 people.[30] The building is also home to the Reformed Millennium Center of Indonesia (RMCI), which holds some of Tong's other projects and organizations.

Other institutions[edit]

Tong's (Indonesian: Lembaga Reformed Injili Indonesia, LRII) seminary has since been named Reformed Evangelical Seminary (Indonesian: Sekolah Tinggi Teologi Reformed Injili Indonesia, STTRII). Yakub Susabda serves as its president and a teacher. The seminary offers an undergraduate degree in Theology, and master's degrees in Christian ministry, divinity, theology, and counseling.[27][33] In 2008, STTRII moved to the Reformed Millennial Center (RMCI) in Jakarta. It has a strong relationship with Westminster Theological Seminary.

In 1996, he founded the Reformed Institute for Christianity and 21st Century in Washington DC. Its purpose is "to equip Christians for global evangelization in the 21st Century by training them in the areas of reformed theology, apologetics, evangelism, and the critical study of Eastern and Western cultures". It was renamed to the Reformed Institute of North America (RINA) in 2007, with locations throughout the United States and Canada.[34]

in 1998, he established the Reformed Institute Jakarta (Indonesian: Institut Reformed Jakarta). The school is headed by GRII pastor Benyamin Intan,[35] and offers undergraduate degrees in Theology and Ecclesiastical Music, and master's degrees in Divinity, Evangelism, and Christian studies.[36]

Its Reformed Ecclesiastical Faculty of Music was established in 2002; its goal is "to return all the glory to God through music at its best."[37]

In 2000, Tong attended the inaugural meeting of the World Reformed Fellowship, whose purpose is to formalize the Reformed Confession of Faith in the 21st Century. In 2006, they created the statement of faith and appointed members for their Commission of Theology.[38] Tong joined reformed theologians Gerald Bray, A. T. B. McGowan, Peter Jones, and Samuel Logan as members.[39][note 3]

In 2006, Tong and Intan co-founded the think tank group, Reformed Center for Religion and Society (Indonesian: Pusat Pengkajian Reformed bagi Agama dan Masyarakat, RCRS); its purpose is to promote the cultural mandate.[28][35]

Theology and style[edit]

According to his profile on STEMI, he "emphasizes on the importance of the Bible as the sole word of God and actively encourages evangelism", and believes that churches should follow the cultural mandate. His preaching style is influenced by Calvinist preachers George Whitfield and Charles Spurgeon.[40]

Music and Arts[edit]

Tong has composed music in Indonesian, Mandarin, and English.[41] He occasionally conducts choirs and orchestras, and gives church talks about the appreciation of sacred music. He founded the Jakarta Oratorio Society, a choir that specializes in worship music.[year needed] During the development of the Messiah Cathedral, he contributed to the design of the Reformed Millennium Center of Indonesia (RMCI) and helped design some of other church buildings in Indonesia. In 2009, he opened the Aula Simfonia Jakarta concert hall in the RMCI; it holds 1,200 seats. He served as the music director for the Jakarta Simfonia Orchestra, along with artistic consultant Jahja Ling and Billy Kristanto.[42] In 2011, he opened the Sofilia Fine Art Center in the RMCI to display some of his and church members antiques for education.[citation needed]

Personal life[edit]

Tong married Sulfie Lalujawati, who goes by the Western name of Alice Liem.[when?] They live in Jakarta, Indonesia. They have one son and three daughters. Their son David Tong is an MRII evangelist in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Their daughter Eunice Tong has two daughters with her husband Holden Makmur, and works as the music director for Aula Simfonia Jakarta. Their youngest daughter Rebecca is a conductor and music director for Aula Simfonia Jakarta.[43]

In addition to enjoying classical music from the Baroque period,[citation needed] Tong enjoys collecting watches and antiques.[citation needed]

Honors and awards[edit]

In 1985, Tong was awarded an honorary Doctor of Leadership in Christian Evangelism (DLCE) degree from the La Madrid International Academy of Leadership in Manila, The Philippines[9]:9

In 1992, pastor Philip Teng called him the "Billy Graham of the East" for his large-scale ministries in Southeast Asia.[44]

In 2007, STEMI published the book God's Fiery Challenge for Our Time: Festschrift in Honor of Stephen Tong, the Founder and the Master Planner of Reformed Evangelical Movement: 50 Year Preaching the Word of God to regard him as "the True Evangelist of this Age" (ISBN 978-9791620314).

In May 2008, he received an honorary Doctor of Divinity (DD) degree from the Westminster Theological Seminary in Glenside, Pennsylvania.[26][45]

In 2011, Westminster Theological Seminary created an endowment for the Stephen Tong Chair of Reformed Theology. The professorship was given to Jeffry K. Jue, an associate professor in church history.[23][29]


Tong has written books based on his sermons and teachings. Most of the books are published in-house by Momentum Publisher[46] and are mostly available in Indonesian language. They are grouped by topic below.


Tong's books from the Christian Faith Development Seminar (Indonesian: Seminar Pembinaan Iman Kristen, SPIK); the number denotes SPIK conducted in Jakarta:

# Title First conducted Book published ISBN
1 Iman dan Agama (Faith and Religion) 1984 1989 ISBN 979-8307-27-5
2 Iman dan Wahyu (Faith and Revelation) 1984 N/A
3 Wahyu dan Pewahyu (Revelation and Revelator) 1985 N/A
4 Wahyu dan Alkitab (Revelation and The Bible) 1986 N/A
5 Allah Tritunggal (The God of Trinity) 1987 1990 ISBN 979-8307-07-0
6 Iman, Rasio, dan Kebenaran (Faith, Reason, and Truth) 1988 1995 ISBN 979-8307-38-0
7 Iman, Kristen, dan Liberalisme (Faith, Christian, and Liberalism) 1989 N/A
8 Peta dan Teladan Allah (God's Image and Likeness) 1990 1990 ISBN 979-8307-26-7
9 Siapakah Kristus? (Who is Christ?) 1991 1991 ISBN 979-8307-06-2
10 Dosa, Keadilan, dan Penghakiman (Sin, Justice, and Judgment) 1992 1993 ISBN 979-8307-06-2
11 Roh Kudus, Doa, dan Kebangunan (The Holy Spirit, Prayer, and Revival) 1993 1995 ISBN 978-979-8307-37-9
12 Dinamika Hidup dalam Pimpinan Roh Kudus (Dynamic Life in the Holy Spirit's Guidance) 1994 1995 ISBN 979-8307-38-0
13 Baptisan dan Karunia Roh Kudus (The Baptism and the Gift of the Holy Spirit) 1995 1996 ISBN 979-8307-41-0
14 Roh Kudus, Hati Nurani, dan Setan (The Holy Spirit, Conscience, and Satan) 1996 1997 ISBN 979-8307-44-5
15 Ujian, Percobaan, dan Kemenangan (Trials, Temptations, and Victory) 1997 1998 ISBN 979-8307-49-6
16 Iman, Penderitaan, Hak Asasi Manusia (Faith, Suffering, and Human Rights) 1998 1999 ISBN 979-8307-61-5
17 Kedaulatan Allah dan Kuasa Pemerintahan (Sovereignty of God and Government's Power) 1999 N/A
18 Kerajaan Allah, Gereja, dan Pelayanan (The Kingdom of God, the Church, and Ministry) 2000 2000 ISBN 979-3292-00-8
Seri Mimbar

Tong's books for the Reformed Evangelical Pulpit Series (Indonesian: Seri Mimbar Reformed Injili Indonesia) include:

Title Book published ISBN
Waktu Dan Hikmat (Time and Wisdom) 1990 ISBN 979-8307-32-1
Keluarga Bahagia (Happy Family) 1991 See talk page
Membesarkan Anak Dalam Tuhan (Fostering Child in God) 1991 ISBN 979-8307-24-0
Hidup Kristen yang Berbuah (Fruitful of Christian Life) 1992 ISBN 979-8307-01-1
Iman, Pengharapan, dan Kasih dalam Krisis (Faith, Hope, and Love in Crisis) 1998 ISBN 979-8307-52-6
Mengetahui Kehendak Allah (Knowing God's Will) 1999 ISBN 979-8307-57-7
Special Courses

Additional teaching topics authored by Tong:

Title Book published ISBN
Teologi Penginjilan (The Theology of Evangelism) 1988 ISBN 979-8307-63-1
Arsitek Jiwa (Architect of the Soul) 1991 ISBN 979-8307-08-9
Reformasi dan Teologi Reformed (Reformation and Reformed Theology) 1992 ISBN 979-8307-23-2
7 Perkataan Salib (The Seven Sayings on the Cross) 1992 ISBN 979-8307-03-8
Arsitek Jiwa II (Architect of the Soul II) 1993 ISBN 979-3292-02-4
Pemuda dan Krisis Zaman (Youth and the Crisis Age) 1996 ISBN 979-8307-43-7
Dosa dan Kebudayaan (Sin and Culture) 1997 ISBN 979-8307-45-3
Pengudusan Emosi (The Sanctification of Emotion) 2007 ISBN 979-3292-58-X
Gospel Rallies

Tong wrote these books for the STEMI rallies.

Title First conducted Book published ISBN
Tuhan Yesus Juruselamat Dunia (Jesus Christ, The Savior of the World) 2003 2004 ISBN 979-8131-83-5
Dari Iman kepada Iman (From Faith to Faith) 2004 2004 ISBN 979-8131-90-8
Devotionals, adopted from Momentum Fellowship in booklet size (no ISBN)
Title Fellowship # Book published
Pelayan Yang Beriman (The Faithful Servant) 60 1993
Cara Pandang Seorang Pelayan (A Servant's Worldview) 57 1993
Pelayan Yang Melarikan Diri (The Running Away Servant) 51 1993
Pelayan Yang Berdukacita (The Grieving Servant) 53 1995
Pelayan Yang Mengasihani Diri Sendiri (The Servant Who Pitied Himself) 54 1996
Jerih Payah Seorang Pelayan (A Servant's Inheritance) 8 1996
Harta Seorang Pelayan (A Servant's Wealth) 25 1996
Pelayan Yang Berkorban (The Sacrificed Servant) 52 1996
Kebahagiaan Yudas (Judas's Joy) 1997 70 70 1997
Pelayan Yang Memberitakan Injil (The Servant Who Proclaims The Gospel) 100 1997
Pembentukan Seorang Hamba (Shaping A Servant) 58 1998
Pergumulan Seorang Pelayan (A Servant's Struggle) 48 1998
Title Book published ISBN
Seni Membentuk Karakter Kristen (The Art of Molding Christian's Character) – a seminary book with another speaker 1995 ISBN 978-979-8307-40-9
Gerakan Reformed Injili: Apa dan Mengapa? (Evangelical Reformed Movement: What and Why?) 2005 ISBN 979-8131-93-2


Tong has written songs for his worship services and STEMI gospel rallies. The songs are listed with the year and location when they were first performed:[47]

Song Title Year First Performed
Bila Kupernah Cinta Yesus (Once I Love Jesus) 1961 Semarang, Indonesia
Sebagai Keledai (Like a Donkey) 1965 Malang, Indonesia
Api Zaman (Fire of the Ages)[note 4] 1969 Malang, Indonesia
Tuhan Ampuni Dosaku (Forgive My Sin, Lord) 1975 Surabaya, Indonesia
Kidung Agung (My Hymn) 1975 Manila, Philippines
Aku Sedang Berjalan (I am Walking) 1977 Serawak, Malaysia
Kemana Saja (Wherever I Go) 1977 Serawak, Malaysia
Utus Aku Dalam Misimu (Send Me into Your Mission) 1981 Singapore
Hanya Bagimu (Only For Thee) 1982 Taipei, Taiwan
Korban Hidup (Living Offering) 1985 Malang, Indonesia
Bangkit Bagi Kristus (Stand up for Christ) 1986 Jakarta, Indonesia
Belum Pernah Ku Rendah Hati (Never I am be Humble) 1995 Forthhope, Canada
Sukacita Tuhan Penuhiku (Lord's Joy upon Me) 1998 Hong Kong
Siapakah Juruselamat Dunia (Who is the Savior of the World?) 2003 Jakarta, Indonesia
Kupegang Tangan-Mu (I hold Your Hand) 2013 Jakarta, Indonesia
B'ritakan Injil Selamanya (Proclaim the Gospel Forever) 2013[note 5] Jakarta, Indonesia
Ikut Tuhanku (Follow My Lord) 2014[note 6] Jakarta, Indonesia


  1. ^ The Tong family consisted of seven sons: Tony (Tong Tjong Po), Peter (Tong Tjong Ping), John (Tong Tjong Tjoe), Caleb (Tong Tjong Ming), Solomon (Tong Tjong An), Stephen (Tong Tjong Eng) and Joseph (Tong Tjong Hway). They also had one daughter, Mary (the eldest sister, died at young age). Five of the sons, including Stephen, became Christian ministers.[12]
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