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Stephen W. Meader (May 2, 1892 – July 18, 1977) was the author of over forty novels for young readers. His optimistic stories generally tended to either concern young men developing independent businesses in the face of adversity, or else young men caught up in adventures during different periods in American history.

Meader graduated from Haverford College in Philadelphia in 1913, and initially worked in Newark, New Jersey as a cruelty officer with the Essex County Children's Aid Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, and by 1915 was working for the Big Brother Movement. After working for a Chicago publishing house in 1916, he took a position with the Circulation Department of the Curtis Publishing Company in Philadelphia, eventually reaching the position of Editor of the Sales Division publications. His first novel, The Black Buccaneer, was the first juvenile publication of the newly founded Harcourt, Brace and Howe. Today all (or nearly all) of his novels are available in reprint from Southern Skies.

He moved his family to Moorestown Township, New Jersey in 1922.[1]

A biography of Meader is also available from the Southern Skies website.[2]

"Stephen W. Meader: His Contributions to American Children's Literature" is Chesley Howard Looney's 2005 doctoral dissertation on Meader.


  • The Black Buccaneer (1920)
  • Down the Big River (1924)
  • Longshanks (1928)
  • Red Horse Hill (1930)
  • Away to Sea (1931)
  • King of the Hills (1933)
  • Lumberjack (1934)
  • The Will to Win and Other Stories (1936)
  • Trap Lines North (1936)
  • Who Rides in the Dark? (1937)
  • T-Model Tommy (1938)
  • Boy with a Pack (1939)(Newbery Honor)
  • Bat, the Story of a Bull Terrier (1939)
  • Clear for Action! (1940)
  • Blueberry Mountain (1941)
  • Shadow in the Pines (1942)
  • The Sea Snake (1943) – A teenager from the Outer Banks of North Carolina finds himself captured and a prisoner in a German submarine.
  • The Long Trains Roll (1944)
  • Skippy's Family (1945)
  • Jonathan Goes West (1946)
  • Behind the Ranges (1947)
  • River of the Wolves (1948)
  • Cedar's Boy (1949)
  • Whaler 'Round the Horn (1950)
  • Bulldozer (1951)
  • The Fish Hawk's Nest (1952)
  • Sparkplug of the Hornets (1953)
  • The Buckboard Stranger (1954)
  • Guns for the Saratoga (1955)
  • Sabre Pilot (1956)
  • Everglades Adventure (1957)
  • The Commodore's Cup (1958)
  • The Voyage of the Javelin (1959)
  • Wild Pony Island (1959)
  • Buffalo and Beaver (1960)
  • Snow on Blueberry Mountain (1961)
  • Phantom of the Blockade (1962)
  • The Muddy Road to Glory (1963)
  • Stranger on Big Hickory (1964)
  • A Blow for Liberty (1965)
  • Topsail Island Treasure (1966)
  • Keep 'Em Rolling (1967)
  • Lonesome End (1968)
  • The Cape May Packet (1969)

In popular culture[edit]

In his novel It, Stephen King mentions Bulldozer. It's the book that Ben Hanscom had borrowed while he was young and found when he went back to Derry.


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