Stephenson College, Durham

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Stephenson College
University of Durham
Stephenson College.jpg
Stephenson College, Durham.svg
Motto Me quondam mirabitur orbis
Motto in English One day I shall astonish the world
Established 2001
Named for George Stephenson
Colours Red, black and white
Principal John Ashworth
Undergraduates 1001
Postgraduates 30
Senior tutor Mandy Marlow

Stephenson College is a college of the University of Durham in England, and one of two located at Queen's Campus in Thornaby-on-Tees, 26.4 miles south of the city of Durham itself. It is named after George Stephenson, the 19th century railway engineer.


In 1904, this engine- built in 1822 by George Stephenson - was the oldest engine that still existed.

In 1992 the Joint University College on Teesside of the Universities of Durham and Teesside (JUCOT) was established on the site as a joint venture between the University of Durham and the University of Teesside. This was initially intended to grant joint degrees validated by both institutions (BAs and BScs). However, Teesside, which had only become a university in 1992, had difficulties in taking on its responsibilities for the college and Durham took full control in 1994.

A programme of integration with Durham began, leading to the college becoming University College, Stockton (UCS) in 1996 — a college of the University of Durham and the only college with teaching responsibilities. Further integration led to the campus being renamed the University of Durham, Stockton Campus (UDSC) in 1998, and the removal of its teaching responsibilities. In 2001 UDSC was split into two colleges: one was George Stephenson College, and the other was John Snow College.

In late 2006 the college name was changed to Stephenson College though the JCR remains George Stephenson JCR.

2010 saw the opening of Stephenson Central, in the middle of the college. This multi-purpose building has a library, games, meeting and TV room with a bar at the centre; it is also the home of the JCR office and is for the use of all students of the college.


Stephenson College will relocate to Durham on a phased basis starting October 2017.

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