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The Stephenson Locomotive Society (SLS) was founded in the UK in Autumn 1909 for the study of rail transport and locomotives.

It was originally named The Stephenson Society in honour of George Stephenson. In late 1911 the professional engineers seceded from the Society to form the Junior Institution of Locomotive Engineers and the Society then took its present name.[1] Despite this the SLS has since attracted professional locomotive engineers such as William Stanier, Oliver Bulleid and André Chapelon, as well as amateurs.

The SLS publishes a Journal and maintains a large photographic collection and members’ library. It also has regional groups which organise meetings and trips of railway interest.[2]

In 1927 the SLS arranged for donation of London, Brighton and South Coast Railway B1 Class steam locomotive Gladstone to the predecessor of the National Railway Museum. The SLS are custodians of a historic miniature steam locomotive Orion constructed to run on 9½ in. (241 mm) gauge track, based on the London and North Western Railway Webb Compound design. As of February 2013 Orion is on long tern loan and display at the Shildon Locomotion Museum.


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