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Studio album by Stephy Tang
Released December 20, 2007
Genre Cantopop
Label Gold Label Records/EMI
Stephy Tang chronology
Dating Stephy Stephilosophy

Stephilosophy is an album by Stephy Tang, and was released on December 20, 2007 in conjunction with her first concert. Different from her previous 3 albums, only 1 version was released. A bonus DVD was included which recorded backstage moments of her concert, and her feelings towards being labeled "Off-tune Tang".

The tracks on the album are:

  1. 看透 (See Thru) (Also the first song of her concert, See thru Stephy Live 2007)
  2. 金光燦爛 (Gleaming Glamours)
  3. 再見不是朋友 (Not Friends Anymore)
  4. 活到美麗 (Live to be Beautiful)
  5. 不愛不愛理 (Not my Business)
  6. 男孩子挑選哪位? (Which boy would you choose?)
  7. 那些那些 (This and That)
  8. 分手的禮貌 (The manners of Break-Up)
  9. 曇花不現 (Tan-Flower not appearing)
  10. Waiting List

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