Steptacular Tour

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Steptacular Tour
Tour by Steps
Associated album Steptacular and Buzz
Start date 4 May 2000
End date 27 August 2000
Legs 2
No. of shows 36
34 (UK)
2 (Ireland)
Steps concert chronology

Steptacular was Steps third tour. The tour complemented their 2000 album Steptacular. The tour also premiered some tracks from their (at the time) upcoming album "Buzz". One of the Wembley shows was filmed and released on video as "live[at]wembley.2000".

5 Additional open-air concerts were later added.

Concert Synopsis[edit]

The show begins with the Sleezesisters remix of Deeper Shade Of Blue, whilst a mashed up version of the official video is seen on the stage screen. A large explosion is seen before the group comes into view and lowers from the roof of the arena onto stage perched upon a rounded platform. Once they reach the stage, each member poses to the beat of the song one by one as a spotlight appears on them. They are wearing soldier styled blue over coats. They then sing the opening bridge to the song. Once the full song begins, they walk forward and take off the coats to reveal, red, blue and black outfits before performing the song. The Tony Moran remix of One For Sorrow is played next, followed by the group chatting to the audience before singing Say You'll Be Mine. Lee then talks to the audience before the three girls sing a cover of I Know Him So Well.

Once the song is finished, the girls exit the stage before Lee's solo Come On Get Together is played which sees him perform heavy choreography with female dancers. The performance also uses explosions and sparks. Lee Exits the stage and After The Love Has Gone begins. The three girls are seen stood on stage wearing casual outfits performing the songs choreography. Lee and H enter the stage just as the song enters the chorus. As it is a medley, with Last Thing on My Mind, not all of the two songs are performed. At the end of Last Thing on My Mind, the stage goes black as 5,6,7,8 begins. During the 1 minute snippet of the song, the group in cartoon form appear in the screens.

After 5,6,7,8, a curtain drops down over the stage and three light frames appear. Faye, entered the stage and talks to the crowd before singing her solo, a specially written song called R Dancing. Her song ends, going automatically into the intro of H's song Lay All Your Love On Me. The curtain drops to reveal H sat on a large 3D letter H suspended above the stage. During the song, he is also seen lifted off of the stage and suspended above the audience where he performs air tricks such as somersaults. When his solo finishes. Lisa appears on stage to tell the audience that the next song is Heartbeat. The group are all then seen on stage at different spots wearing evening ware. They all then join together in the middle to perform When I Said Goodbye. At the end of the song they are lowered off the stage.

Claire's solo begins with an extended intro, before she and some of the female dancers enter and sit around a motor bike. Claire is wearing pink tracksuit bottoms and an orange vest top. During the song, the girls flirt with the male dancers through the dance routine. After this the boys sing a male duet Things Can Only Get Better. After the song they have a competition with the audience before introducing Lisa for her solo Never Get Over You.

The song starts with the arena going black, before a spotlight reveals Lisa and dancers stood on stage imitating a wedding. The girls are all wearing white overcoats and the males are wearing tuxedos. The coats and tuxedos are torn off to reveal 70s style outfits. Throughout the song, the male dancer acting as Lisa's groom is seen cheating on Lisa with a female dancer portraying the bridesmaid. The song then goes into Better The Devil You Know which sees all of Steps return on stage together again. The song ends with them lowering off stage.

After a short pause, a heartbeat is heard, and the band logo is lightened up on the stage. Once the heartbeat stops, the curtain drops and reveals the silhouette of the group suspended in mid air over the back of the stage. The lights go up and Summer Of Love is sung. Steps are wearing Red, Black and Gold outfits. Love's Got A Hold Of My Heart is followed by Tragedy before the confetti falls and the groups make their thank you's and say goodbye before leaving the stage for the final time.


  1. Deeper Shade of Blue (Sleazesisters Anthem Mix)
  2. One for Sorrow (Tony Moran Remix)
  3. Say You'll Be Mine
  4. I Know Him So Well (Lisa, Faye and Claire)
  5. Come on Get Together (Lee solo)
  6. After the Love Has Gone/Last Thing on My Mind
  7. 5,6,7,8
  8. R Dancing (Faye solo)
  9. Lay All Your Love on Me (H solo)
  10. Heartbeat
  11. When I Said Goodbye
  12. I Surrender (Claire solo)
  13. Things Can Only Get Better (H and Lee duet)
  14. Never Get Over You (Lisa solo)
  15. Better the Devil You Know
  16. Summer of Love
  17. Love's Got a Hold on My Heart
  18. Tragedy


Date City Country Venue Time
4 May 2000 Glasgow Scotland SECC Evening
5 May 2000
6 May 2000 Matinee
7 May 2000 Matinee
9 May 2000 Newcastle England Newcastle Arena Evening
11 May 2000
12 May 2000
13 May 2000 Sheffield Sheffield Arena Evening
14 May 2000
15 May 2000
17 May 2000 Birmingham Birmingham NEC Evening
18 May 2000
19 May 2000
20 May 2000
22 May 2000 London Wembley Arena Evening
23 May 2000
24 May 2000
25 May 2000
26 May 2000
28 May 2000 Manchester Manchester Arena Evening
29 May 2000 Matinee
4 June 2000 Dublin Ireland The Point Evening
5 June 2000
6 June 2000 Belfast Northern Ireland King's Hall Evening
7 June 2000
9 June 2000 London England Wembley Arena Evening
10 June 2000
11 June 2000 Manchester Manchester Arena Evening
Open Air Shows
22 July 2000 London England Hyde Park Evening
23 July 2000 Cardiff Wales Cardiff Castle Evening
29 July 2000 Margate England Quex Park Evening
26 August 2000 Chelmsford Highlands Park Evening
27 August 2000 Swindon Lydiard County Park Evening

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