Stereocilia Vol. 1

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Stereocilia Vol. 1
Compilation album by Various
Released June 10, 2006
Recorded 2005, 2006
Genre Rock, Christian rock
Length 36:39
Label Credential Recordings
Producer N/A
Various chronology
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The Tour EP
(2007)The Tour EP2007

Stereocilia Vol. 1 is the first in a series of compilation albums by Credential Recordings. It features songs from Dizmas, Edison Glass, Future of Forestry, Lost Ocean and Turn Off The Stars.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Forever" by Edison Glass
  2. "This House" by Edison Glass
  3. "Open Wide" by Future of Forestry
  4. "Twilight" by Future of Forestry
  5. "Please" by Turn Off The Stars
  6. "Hours and Days" by Turn Off The Stars
  7. "Revolution" by Dizmas
  8. "Riots And Violence" by Dizmas
  9. "Just Glide" by Lost Ocean
  10. "You Are" by Lost Ocean