Stereopsis (fungus)

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Stereopsis humphreyi 56449.jpg
Stereopsis humphreyi
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Fungi
Division: Basidiomycota
Class: Agaricomycetes
Order: Stereopsidales
Family: Stereopsidaceae
Sjökvist, E.Larss., Pfeil & K.H.Larss. (2013)
Genus: Stereopsis
D.A.Reid (1965)
Type species
Stereopsis radicans
(Berk.) D.A.Reid (1965)

Stereopsis is the sole genus of fungi in the family Stereopsidaceae.[1] The genus was formerly placed in the family Meruliaceae in the order Polyporales but was found to belong in its own order along with the genus Clavulicium.[1] Stereopsis was circumscribed by English mycologist Derek Reid in 1965.[2] It contains species that form funnel-shaped basidiocarps as well as the corticioid species Stereopsis globosa which was formerly considered a species of Clavulicium.[1] The species Stereopsis humphreyi and Stereopsis vitellina were found to belong in the Agaricales and Atheliales respectively in a molecular phylogenetics study, and because of this do not belong in Stereopsis, but they have not yet been transferred to their own genera.[1]



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