Sterling (cigarette)

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Product type Cigarette
Produced by Gallaher Group of Japan Tobacco
Introduced 2006

Sterling are a British cigarette brand owned by parent company the Gallaher Group, which became a subsidiary of Japan Tobacco in 2007.[1]


Sterling had been a fairly popular mid-range brand up to the 1970s but sales dwindled and the brand was eventually discontinued. The brand was officially re-launched in the United Kingdom in 2006. Sterling is the largest selling cheap brand in the UK and is the 8th biggest selling brand of cigarettes in the UK.[1] According to data from AC Nielsen, Sterling has a 44% share and has retail sales of an excess of £261million.[1] They are available in four different colours, red, blue (smooth), green (menthol) and a blue-green gradient (click-on menthol "Dual"). Sterling cigarettes are also available in Superking size.


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