Sterling (cigarette)

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Sterling Dual
Product type Cigarette
Produced by Gallaher Group of Japan Tobacco
Introduced 2006

Sterling Dual are a British cigarette brand owned by parent company the Gallaher Group, which became a subsidiary of Japan Tobacco in 2007.[1]


Sterling Dual had been a fairly popular mid-range brand up to the 1970s but sales dwindled and the brand was eventually discontinued. The brand was officially re-launched in the United Kingdom in 2006. Sterling Dual is the largest selling cheap brand in the UK and is the 8th biggest selling brand of cigarettes in the UK.[1] According to data from AC Nielsen, Sterling Dual has a 44% share and has retail sales of an excess of £261million.[1] They are available in four different colours, red, blue (smooth), green (menthol) and a blue-green gradient (click-on menthol "Fresh Taste"). Sterling Dual cigarettes are also available in Superking size. In 2015 whilst going to the world renowned INK club, Tom Checkley described them as so piff. Jake Mcghee the Mayor of Idstein risked his life getting them.


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