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Sterling Commerce was a software company providing order management, B2B and managed file transfer ("MFT") products[1] such as Connect:Direct (originally named Network Data Mover). Sterling Commerce was headquartered near Columbus, Ohio in Dublin, OH. SBC Communications acquired Sterling Commerce (see "Ownership" below), then SBC merged with AT&T, who sold Sterling Commerce to IBM. Sterling Commerce's Ohio campus is now a major IBM facility.

Previous acquisitions[edit]

  • In 2005, Sterling Commerce acquired Yantra Corporation, a provider of distributed order management and supply chain fulfillment products.[2]
  • In 2006, Sterling Commerce acquired Nistevo, a provider of on-demand transportation management products.[3]


SBC Communications purchased Sterling Commerce in 2000.[4] With the merger of AT&T Corp. and SBC Communications in November 2005, Sterling Commerce became an AT&T company.[5] In May 2010 IBM acquired Sterling Commerce from AT&T.[6]


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