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Sterling Nova
Sterling RX

Sterling Sports Cars is an American automobile company based in Wilmington, Delaware, that designs and manufactures assembly kits for replicars and supercars.

Current models[edit]

The "kit cars" and parts manufactured by Sterling Sports Cars LLC. are sold as components. The cars are not pre-assembled by Sterling Sports Cars but are intended to be assembled by the purchaser or by a third-party. The Sterling was originally designed to be fitted to a VW Beetle floor pan but as supplies of these have diminished, A new model the Sterling RX uses a special made mid engine tube chassis design to fit the Subaru engine or other smaller but high HP engine.

The company also sells replacement parts to owners around the world who own an original Sterling car also known in other countries as the Nova, or Eureka kit car. SPECTOR's owner Robert Welsh, now owns the rights to the Sterling, Cimbria, Fortvac and several of the variants of these cars. The Sterling is also used as a low cost electric conversion option as it is very aerodynamic and has space for battery options.

On April 2017 The Sterling Sports car company was purchased by the owner of SPECTOR INC.

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