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U-Bahn.svg S-Bahn-Logo.svg Sternschanze
HVV rapid transit station
Sternschanze - Hamburg - U-Bahn (13306813554).jpg
Location Sternschanze 1[1]
20357 Hamburg, Germany
Coordinates 53°33′49″N 9°58′1″E / 53.56361°N 9.96694°E / 53.56361; 9.96694Coordinates: 53°33′49″N 9°58′1″E / 53.56361°N 9.96694°E / 53.56361; 9.96694
Operated by S-Bahn Hamburg GmbH
Hamburger Hochbahn AG
Line(s) U3Hamburg U3.svg
S11Hamburg S11.svgS21Hamburg S21.svgS31Hamburg S31.svg
A1Hamburg A1.svg
Platforms 2 island platforms
Tracks 4
Connections Bus
Structure type elevated, underground
Other information
Station code S-Bahn-Logo.svg DB: 2516[2]
U-Bahn.svg HHA: SZ[3]
Fare zone 000
Opened 16 July 1866; 150 years ago (1866-07-16)
U-Bahn.svg 25 May 1912; 104 years ago (1912-05-25)
Rebuilt S-Bahn-Logo.svg relocated westwards by 400 m till 15 May 1903; 113 years ago (1903-05-15)
Electrified 29 January 1908; 109 years ago (1908-01-29)
Sternschanze station is located in Hamburg
Sternschanze station
Sternschanze station
Sternschanze station (Hamburg)
Sternschanze station is located in Germany
Sternschanze station
Sternschanze station
Sternschanze station (Germany)

Sternschanze is a rapid transit station for the trains of Hamburg S-Bahn lines S11, S21 and S31 and Hamburg U-Bahn line U3.[4] The railway station[5] is located in the quarter Sternschanze in the Hamburg borough of Altona, Germany. North of the railway station is a bus stop for the terminating HHA bus route 181.


The S-Bahn's western entrance
Platform for the U-Bahn

A first Sternschanze station was opened on 16 July 1866, located a little east of the current station. That station was at grade, with a number of level crossings at nearby streets. On 15 May 1903 a new, elevated station was built, including a massive station hall. The U-Bahn station followed on 25 May 1912. During the 1970s, the S-Bahn's station hall was dismantled.

Station layout[edit]

Sternschanze is a small cul-de-sac between station to the south and Sternschanzenpark to the north. The western, main entrance for the S-Bahn platform is located at the intersection of Sternschanze and Schanzenstraße. A common entrance for U-Bahn and S-Bahn is located at the S-Bahn's eastern entrance, some 150 meter further down Sternschanze.

The island platform and tracks for the S-Bahn are elevated on a rail dam, along with tracks for regional and long distance trains that run past the station south of it. The S-Bahn platform is handicap-accessible through a lift. The station is unstaffed, but there are emergency and information telephones, ticket machines and a shop.[6]

The underground platform of the U3 is situated at the east side of the railway station and has only one entrance at the platform's southern end. The underground station is not fully accessible for the disabled. At this location, a pedestrian tunnel underneath the rail dam provides access to Hamburg Messe and Congress Center Hamburg (CCH). Hence the station is also known by the name Sternschanze (Messe).


Hamburg Sternschanze
Location Altona, Hamburg
Other information
Station code 2516[2]
DS100 code ASST[7]
Category 4[2]

The lines S11, S21 and S31 of Hamburg S-Bahn and the line U3 of Hamburg U-Bahn call at Sternschanze station.

Preceding station   AKN Eisenbahn   Following station
toward Neumünster
A1Hamburg A1.svg
limited service only
toward Hauptbahnhof
Preceding station   Hamburg S-Bahn   Following station
toward Blankenese
S11Hamburg S11.svg
S21Hamburg S21.svg
toward Aumühle
toward Altona
S31Hamburg S31.svg
toward Neugraben
Preceding station   Hamburg U-Bahn   Following station
toward Barmbek
U3Hamburg U3.svg

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