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Bahnhof Stettbach 2012-10-06 12-16-02.JPG
The above ground access to Stettbach station, with tram terminus in background
Location Dübendorfstrasse,
City of Zürich,
Canton of Zürich,
Coordinates 47°23′50″N 8°35′46″E / 47.3972°N 8.5961°E / 47.3972; 8.5961Coordinates: 47°23′50″N 8°35′46″E / 47.3972°N 8.5961°E / 47.3972; 8.5961
Line(s) Zürichberg line
Connections Verkehrsbetriebe Zürich/Glattalbahn
Preceding station   Swiss rail network   Following station
Zürich Stadelhofen   Zürich S-Bahn
S3 service
Zürich Stadelhofen   Zürich S-Bahn
S9 service
Zürich Stadelhofen   Zürich S-Bahn
S11 service
  Winterthur Hauptbahnhof
Zürich Stadelhofen   Zürich S-Bahn
S12 service
  Winterthur Hauptbahnhof
The underground platforms.
Aerial view of the station, looking towards the east.

Stettbach is a railway station on the north-eastern boundary of the Swiss city of Zürich. Although the station is located just within the city boundary, in the city's Schwamendingen district, it takes its name from the nearby village of Stettbach, which is in the adjacent municipality of Dübendorf.[1][2]


Stettbach station, along with the Zürichberg Tunnel and the connecting railway on which the station is situated, were opened in 1990. At the same time Zürich Stadelhofen station was connected by the Hirschengraben Tunnel to new through low level platforms at Zürich Hauptbahnhof, thus creating the through west-east backbone of the Zürich S-Bahn.[3]


The station is on the Zürichberg line, which links Zürich Stadelhofen station, in central Zürich, with Dietlikon and Dübendorf stations. The station platforms are below ground level, and at the southern end of the station the railway tracks enter the 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) Zürichberg Tunnel to Zürich Stadelhofen.

The station is served by lines S3, S9, S11 and S12 of the Zürich S-Bahn, with all lines being operated by the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB).[4]

Adjacent to the station at ground level are the termini of two of Zurich's tram routes. Route 7 is owned and operated by the Verkehrsbetriebe Zürich (VBZ) and links Stettbach to central Zürich via the Schwamendingen district. Route 12 is operated by VBZ on behalf of the Glattalbahn, and links Stettbach to Zurich Airport via the increasingly urbanised Glattal region.[5]

Future plans[edit]

Zürich Zoo, situated on the Zürichberg mountain above the tunnel, has plans to construct a cable car to link the zoo and station, a distance of about 2 km (1.2 mi).[6]


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