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Steve + Sky is a 2004 Belgian comedy-drama film directed and written by Felix Van Groeningen and starring Titus De Voogdt, Delfine Bafort and Johan Heldenbergh.


Steve is a small-time drug runner, sentenced to time in prison when he is caught after his girlfriend accidentally rear-ends a police van. While in prison he meets Jean-Claude, a wheelchair user, and together they agree to start stealing motorcycles after they are both released.

Sky is a drifter, employed in a series of part-time jobs including prostitute and factory worker.

There are two encounters between the two, both while at a bowling alley, before they first meet formally, at a brothel that Jean-Claude has opened, as Sky is a friend of Jean-Claude's daughter Charlotte.

The two start a casual relationship, but Sky seems to be genuinely in love whereas Steve if less committed. Steve plans to move to Slovenia with Jean-Claude to start a business, but it is ambiguous as to whether they actually make it.

The film ends with Steve almost running over Sky while she is dancing across a pedestrian crossing and he is speeding in a stolen motorbike.


Awards and nominations[edit]

  • Joseph Plateau Awards:
    • Best Belgian Actor (Titus De Voogdt, nominated)
    • Best Belgian Actor (Johan Heldenbergh, nominated)
    • Best Belgian Composer (Soulwax, won)
    • Best Belgian Director (Felix Van Groeningen, nominated)
    • Best Belgian Film (won)
    • Best Belgian Screenplay (Felix Van Groeningen, nominated)