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Steve Bailey
Bailey performing at Stanford University
Bailey performing at Stanford University
Background information
BornMyrtle Beach, South Carolina, U.S.
Instrument(s)Bass guitar, double bass
Years active1981–present

Steve Bailey is an American bassist. He is the chair of the bass department at Berklee College of Music.


Bailey began playing bass guitar at age 12 and started playing fretless bass after he ran over his fretted Stuart Spector with his car. He started playing double bass after hearing Stanley Clarke playing with Return to Forever. He has been a faculty member at Coastal Carolina University and the University of North Carolina Wilmington. He was also a faculty member at Hollywood's BIT for 10 years. He is a co-founder of Victor Wooten's Bass/Nature Camp, which helps to teach bassists of all ranges. is also a joint project with Bailey and Wooten. He is an avid tennis player and surfer.

Bailey has worked with Ernestine Anderson, Bass Extremes, David Benoit, Tab Benoit, Michel Camilo, Larry Carlton, Paquito D'Rivera, Chris Duarte, Bryan Duncan, Brandon Fields, Dave Liebman, Dizzy Gillespie, Scott Henderson, Carol Kaye, Kitaro, T Lavitz, James Moody, Mark Murphy, Willie Nelson, John Patitucci, Ray Price, Toni Price, Emily Remler, The Rippingtons, Claudio Roditi, Billy Joe Shaver, Billy Sheehan, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Mel Tormé, and Jethro Tull.

His latest Album, CAROLINA, is a collection of 17 duets (one track of bass and another person doing what they do) featuring 17 different guests including Willie Nelson, Ian Anderson, Ron Carter, Victor Wooten, Mike Stern, Becca Stevens, Dennis Chambers and much more.

Bailey has "authored" 3 different signature bass models.

Aria AVBSB 1992-2002 Fender SRB Jazz BASS 6 2008-2010 Warwick Signature Steve Bailey models, 4, 5, &6 string 2010-present


As leader[edit]

  • Dichotomy JVC/JAPAN (1991)
  • Evolution JVC/JAPAN (1993)
  • Bass Extremes "Cookbook" with Victor Wooten TONECENTER (1995)
  • Bass Extremes Vol. 2 with Victor Wooten (1998)
  • Bass Extremes Just Add Water with Victor Wooten TONECENTER (2001)
  • So Low...Solo (2007)
  • Carolina (2020)

As sideman[edit]

  • David Benoit, Inner Motion (1990)
  • David Benoit, Letter to Evan (1992)
  • David Benoit, Shaken Not Stirred (1994)
  • Tab Benoit, Nice & Warm (1992)
  • Tab Benoit, What I Live For (1994)
  • Doug Cameron, Rendezvous (1996)
  • Paquito D'Rivera, Live at the Keystone Korner (1983)
  • Paquito D'Rivera, Taste of Paquito (1991)
  • Jesse Dayton, Raisin' Cain (1995)
  • Bryan Duncan, Strong Medicine (1989)
  • Russ Freeman, Holiday (1995)
  • Jeff Kashiwa, Remember Catalina (1995)
  • Kitaro, Dream (1992)
  • Masi, Downtown Dreamers (1985)
  • Roberto Perera, Erotica (1987)
  • Ray Price, Prisoncer of Love (2000)
  • Toni Price, Lowdown & Up
  • Steve Reid, Bamboo Forest (1994)
  • Steve Reid, Water Sign (1996)
  • David Rice, Released (1995)
  • The Rippingtons, Curves Ahead (1991)
  • The Rippingtons, Tourist in Paradise (1989)
  • The Rippingtons, Weekend in Monaco (1992)
  • The Rippingtons, Welcome to St. James' Club (1990)
  • Shaver, Highway of Life (1996)
  • Harry Sheppard, This-a-Way That-a-Way (1991)
  • Harry Sheppard, Points of View (1992)
  • Starfighters, In-Flight Movie (1982)
  • Jethro Tull, Roots to Branches (1995)
  • Robin Williamson, Old Fangled Tone (1999)
  • Victor Wooten, Yin-Yang (1999)
  • Victor Wooten, Soul Circus (2005)
  • Victor Wooten, Palmystery (2008)
  • Victor Wooten, WORDS AND TONES (2012)
  • Victor Wooten, SWORD AND STONE (2012)


  • Advanced Rock Bass (1991)
  • Five String Bass (1991)
  • Fretless Bass
  • Rock Bass (1991)
  • Six String Bass (1991)
  • Bass Extremes (1993) by Steve Bailey and Victor Wooten


  • Fretless Bass REH (1992)
  • Bass Extremes: Live (1994)
  • The Day Bass Players Took Over the World, Victor Wooten, Oteil Burbridge (2006)
  • Warwick: Fuss on the Buss 1, featuring Larry Graham, Bootsy, TM Stevens, etc. (2009)
  • Warwick: Fuss on the Buss II, featuring Bootsy, Robert Trujillo, Lee Sklar, Verdine White, etc. (2011)
  • Warwick: Fuss on the Buss III, featuring Ralph Armstrong, Larry Graham, Jonas Hellborg, Ryan Martini, TM Stevens, etc. (2012)


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