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Steve Bellamy is an entrepreneur in sports and entertainment best known for the founding of niche cable television networks including the Tennis Channel, The Surf Channel, The Skate Channel and The Ski Channel. He is also a writer/director/producer of six feature films including award winning “Winter” and “The Story”. Bellamy was named Kodak president of motion picture and entertainment in October 2015.[1]


Early career[edit]

Bellamy was a drummer and played tennis at the junior level.[2]

A native of Indiana, Bellamy switched to guitar and fronted the band "Johnny Major and the Minors", while attending Indiana University,[2] then moved to Los Angeles in 1986 to pursue a music career.

Bellamy founded Atonal Tennis, Inc. in 1985 and managed the Palisades Tennis Center.[2]

Sports channels founding[edit]

About 1997, Bellamy had the idea of cable channel for skiing and started work on the concept. He switch to working on a tennis channel concept given the broader audience for tennis.[3] In 2001, the Tennis Channel (TTC) was founded by Steve Bellamy. The channel was launched in the Spring of 2003[4] Bellamy had planned to use the Tennis Channel Open, a Tennis Channel acquisition, as the core event as a part of a larger “Tennispalooza”.[5] In 2005, Bellamy left to start The Ski Channel.

In 2006, Bellamy became Chief Executive Officer of Action Sport Networks.[2] In April 2007, Bellamy announced the formation of The Ski Channel television channel that would focus on mountain oriented sports, activity and lifestyle under the aegis of his Atonal Sports and Entertainment.[5]

During the 2012 US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach, Steve Bellamy announced that he's launching a third outlet, the Surf Channel, that will devote itself to beach, water and board sports, lifestyle and travel, in mid-September.[6]

By 2015, he was made chairman of Action Sport Networks.


In August 2010, Bellamy wrote and directed a film featuring mountain sports athletes. That film won at the Las Vegas Film Festival, where Bellamy also won the award for best director. It featured a team making the climb to the top of Mt. Everest. The next year it was followed up by "Winter".

Atonal Sports and Entertainment[edit]

Atonal Sports and Entertainment owned and operated several tennis centers, a film company and Palisades Sound Recording Studio. Atonal Films produced documentaries. Sports facilities owned by Atonal including the Palisades Tennis Center, Cheviot Hills Tennis Channel, Santa Monica Tennis Channel, Westwood Tennis Center, Westchester Tennis Center and L.A. Golf Academy.[5]


Bellamy is an ardent vegan, a collector of vintage guitars, and cinefile. Bellamy is very active on Social Media


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