Steve Comisar

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Steve Comisar
Born 1961 (1961) (age 54)
Other names Champion, Brett
Occupation American con man

Steven Robert Comisar (born December 30, 1961) is an American convicted con man and extortionist.[1] Comisar is in federal prison and is scheduled to be released April 16, 2018.[2]

Career in crime[edit]

Comisar grew up in Beverly Hills, California.[3] As a young man he sold a "solar powered clothes dryer" in national magazines for $39.95.[4] Unsuspecting customers received a length of clothesline. Comisar has been arrested and convicted of numerous crimes.[2][5][6]

Comisar used the working name Brett Champion during the period when he was (falsely) claiming to have retired from his career as a con man and posed as a fraud prevention expert and consultant, using it on Dateline NBC,[1][7] The View,[3] Sally,[3] Leeza,[3] Crook & Chase,[3] and in various other television appearances; and when he authored the book America's Guide to Fraud Prevention (ISBN 978-1560723332),[7][8][9] Comisar is now legally prohibited from using this alias.[3] His book is considered a "piece of fraud history" by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and is on display in their fraud museum.[10][11]

Acting career[edit]

Comisar had a lead role in the documentary film Making Crime Pay. He also had supporting roles in the motion pictures Tough Luck,Fists of Iron and Sister Dearest, in the television series Hell Town and Throb, and in the television movie The Seduction of Gina.[12]


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