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Steve Field

Stephen Field

(1954-05-03) 3 May 1954 (age 68)
Saltash, Cornwall, England

Stephen (Steve) Field RBSA (born 3 May 1954 in Saltash, Cornwall) is an English sculptor, muralist and mosaicist, active mainly in the West Midlands, particularly the Black Country, where a number of his works are on public display. He has been resident artist and public art adviser to Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council, since 1988,[1][2] and is a member of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists,[3] the Contemporary Glass Society[4] and the British Association of Modern Mosaic.[4] He coordinated Dudley's Millennium Sculpture Trail.[5]

He studied at the University of Sheffield, earning a degree in architecture, and Wolverhampton Polytechnic, where he achieved a master's degree in fine art.[1] He cites his influences as futurism and vorticism, the sculptor Walter Ritchie,[6] his MPhil examiner David Harding, and the Mexican muralists.

In 1978 he painted a series of three murals on the gable ends of terraced houses at the eastern end of Heathfield Road, Handsworth, Birmingham, in conjunction with Paula Woof and Mark Renn.[7] These murals lasted around 27 years before being overpainted by new murals. In 1982, he painted an internal mural at Frankley Community School, together with Woof and Renn.[8] The trio worked as "The Mural Company" and were profiled in a 1982 Central Television documentary, "Round About".[7] In June-July 1984, Field and Renn exhibited on murals, jointly, at Bilston Museum and Art Gallery.[9]

Field, Woof, Renn, David Patten and Derek Jones worked jointly as the West Midlands Public Art Collective, which was active circa 1987.[10]

He received the Royal Society of Arts 'Art for Architecture' Award in 1993 and an Arts and Business Award in 2005.[3]

Field is married to fellow muralist Cathryn Ryall, with whom he has collaborated artistically. Field has also completed several collaborations with the sculptor John McKenna.[11]


Picture Work Location Date Type Material Dimensions Designation Coordinates
(With links to map and aerial photo sources)
Owner Notes
Birth of Pegasus - Steve Field.jpg Birth of Pegasus Brotherton Street, Pye Bank, Sheffield 1977 (1977) Mural Dulux paint 53°23′41″N 1°27′50″W / 53.39476°N 1.46397°W / 53.39476; -1.46397 Depicts Pegasus. Completed as part of Field's degree studies at Sheffield University. Paint donated by Dulux. The house on which this was painted was due for demolition in 2010.[12][13]

Handsworth Triptych Heathfield Road, Handsworth, Birmingham 1978 (1978) Mural Emulsion paint 52°30′29″N 1°54′18″W / 52.508019°N 1.905020°W / 52.508019; -1.905020 Set of three murals, depicting African wildlife. Since overpainted.

City of a Thousand Trades Bell Street Passage, Birmingham 1987 (1987) Relief
  • fibreglass
  • Pre-existing ceramic tiles, etched by sandblasting
Made by the West Midlands Public Art Collective; commissioned by the then West Midlands County Council; lost[10]

Lye Mural - Steve Field.jpg Industries of the Lye Lye 1989 (1989) Mural [14] Removed 2010 (2010)

Cameo - Steve Field.jpg Cameo Stourbridge bus interchange 1994 (1994) Mosaics and anamorphic columns Centro Mosaics of a grey heron and a cockerel, based on cameo glass from nearby Broadfield House Glass Museum.[15]

Sunbeam record attempt bronze panel.JPG Sunbeam Car Panels St. John's Retail Park, Wolverhampton 1995 (1995) Relief Bronze 3m by 2m 52°34′47″N 2°07′38″W / 52.57963°N 2.12734°W / 52.57963; -2.12734 (approx) (with John McKenna ARBS sculptor)[11]

Lone Rider - Steve Field.jpg The Lone Rider Penn Road, Blakenhall, Wolverhampton 1996 (1996) Sculpture Hoptonwood limestone 52°34′33″N 2°08′09″W / 52.575861°N 2.135798°W / 52.575861; -2.135798 Marks the site of the former AJS motorcycle factory. Carved by Robert Bowers, assisted by Michael Scheuermann.[11][16]

Lunar Society Moonstones 16 Boulton.jpg Moonstones Asda supermarket, Queslett Road, Great Barr 1998 (1998) Carving Stone 52°33′09″N 1°54′32″W / 52.5526°N 1.9088°W / 52.5526; -1.9088 Asda Nine stones, depicting members of the Lunar Society[17]

Statue Sleipnir.jpg Sleipnir Hill, overlooking Wednesbury Great Western Street metro stop 1998 (1998) 52°32′50″N 2°01′35″W / 52.5471°N 2.0265°W / 52.5471; -2.0265 Depicting Sleipnir, Odin's mythical eight-legged horse[18]

Maypole - Steve Field.jpg Maypole Junction of Maypole Street and Windmill Bank, Wombourne 1999 (1999) Sculpture Steel 52°32′09″N 2°11′09″W / 52.535930°N 2.185844°W / 52.535930; -2.185844 Wombourne Parish Council Includes mosaic work by Cathryn Ryall.[11][19]

Salamander - Steve Field - 01.jpg Salamander in Flames Flood Street Island, Dudley 2000 (2000) 52°30′26″N 2°04′51″W / 52.507196°N 2.080847°W / 52.507196; -2.080847 Part of Dudley Millennium Sculpture Trail. Lettering by Malcolm Sier. Fabrication by Apollo Engineering, Brierley Hill.[2] Depicts a salamander, in reference to salamanders in metallurgy.

Fleet Air Arm memorial - Steve Field.jpg Fleet Air Arm Memorial National Memorial Arboretum, Alrewas 2009 (2009) Granite, on a Portland stone base

Hovering kestrel by John McKenna sculptor (2).jpg Hovering Kestrel Citadel Logistics Centre, Bilston 2011 (2011) Stainless steel 52°34′06″N 2°03′19″W / 52.568469°N 2.055257°W / 52.568469; -2.055257 (with John McKenna ARBS Sculptor)
Park Hall sketch - Steve Field.jpg Fons Juventis Park Hall Academy, Castle Bromwich 2011 (2011) Stainless steel Park Hall Academy Relief sculpture. Artist's sketch pictured

Prince Rupert in Well - Steve Field.jpg Civil war sculpture Stevens Park, Wollescote 2011 (2011) (with Graham Jones)[20] Depicts Prince Rupert hiding from the Roundheads in the well at Wollescote Hall.

West Bromwich bus station.jpg Anamorphic Portico West Bromwich bus station 1999 (1999)-2002 Mosaic and anamorphic column 52°31′02″N 1°59′42″W / 52.517276°N 1.99499°W / 52.517276; -1.99499 Images loosely derived from David Christie Murray's book A Capful o' Nails.[4][15]

Measham Sundial - Steve Field.jpg Giant pictorial sundial Measham Millennium Green 2002 (2002) Sundial 52°42′13″N 1°30′32″W / 52.703583°N 1.508779°W / 52.703583; -1.508779 Commemorating Joseph Wilkes.[4][21]


Field has also written articles about his work:

  • Ostler, Timothy; Field, Steve (18 January 1984). "Working With Artists: 1 Possibilities". Architects' Journal. 179 (3): 55–59, 61–66.
  • —— (Spring 2003). "A Trail through Time – Dudley's Millennium Sculpture Trail". The Blackcountryman. 36 (2): 41. ISSN 0006-4335.
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