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Stephen Fitzmaurice is an Irish Grammy Award-winning mixer and producer based in London, England. His credits include albums for Depeche Mode, Seal, Sam Smith, Ian Brown, Kylie Minogue, Sting, Paloma Faith, Olly Murs, The Kooks, Alicia Keys, U2, and Utada Hikaru.

As a teenager, Fitzmaurice moved from Dublin to London, where he began working at Sarm Studios with legendary producer Trevor Horn and mixer Julian Mendelsohn. He later moved to New York where he worked on records by Jodeci, Eric Clapton and young upcoming artists, including Timbaland and Missy Elliott.

Since becoming a freelance Mix Engineer and Producer, Fitzmaurice has won and been nominated for multiple Grammy Awards. Fitzmaurice also Co-Produced and Mixed the first ever Number One James Bond Track and Oscar Winning Song, Writing's On The Wall. He also mixed Falling Slowly by The Frames, which won an Academy Award for Best Original Song at the 80th Academy Awards.


  • Seal - Kiss From A Rose - Record Of The Year - Grammy Winner
  • U2 - All That You Can't Leave Behind - Best Rock Album - Grammy Winner
  • Sam Smith - Stay With Me - Record Of The Year - Grammy Winner
  • Sam Smith - In The Lonely Hour - Best Pop Album - Grammy Winner

Songwriting and Production Credits[edit]

Title Year Artist Album Songwriter Producer
Primary Secondary Additional Vocal
"Ripped Inside" 1992 Tasmin Archer Great Expectations ☑Y
"Deliver Me" 1996 The Beloved X ☑Y
"That Concludes Our Broadcast Day" John Ottman The Cable Guy OST ☑Y
"Steal My Body Home" 1999 The Frames Pavement Tune EP ☑Y
"Look Back Now" ☑Y
"Plateu" Dance the Devil ☑Y
"Neath the Beaches" ☑Y
"Dance the Devil Back into His Hole" ☑Y
"Taking the Hard Way Out" Rent Day Blues EP ☑Y
"It's a Shame" 2000 Lee Griffiths Northern Songs ☑Y
"Lay Lady Lay"
(with Gemma Hayes)
2004 Magnet Non-album single ☑Y
"On My Knees"
(featuring Ghostface Killah)
The 411 Between the Sheets ☑Y
"Easy Way Out" 2005 Charlotte Church Tissues and Issues ☑Y
"Love Show" 2006 Skye Mind How You Go ☑Y
"Les Mots Simples"
(with Brett Anderson)
2008 Emmanuelle Seigner Non-album single ☑Y
"So Called Summer" Team Waterpolo ☑Y
"Room 44" 2009 ☑Y
"New York" Paloma Faith Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful? ☑Y
"Luv Ya" Non-album single ☑Y
"Coming Home" 2010 Lemar The Hits ☑Y
"Ask Me to Stay" Olly Murs Olly Murs ☑Y
"I Need a Dollar" 2011 Aloe Blacc Good Things ☑Y
"I'm OK" Olly Murs In Case You Didn't Know ☑Y
"Anywhere Else" ☑Y
"Troubled Heart" 2012 Skye Back to Life ☑Y
"Sign of Life" ☑Y
"Featherlight" ☑Y
"Nowhere" ☑Y
"Little Bit Lost" ☑Y
"We Fall Down" ☑Y
"Every Little Lie" ☑Y
"High Life" ☑Y
"Dissolve" ☑Y
"Bright Light" ☑Y
"Lay Me Down" 2013 Sam Smith In the Lonely Hour ☑Y
"Stay with Me" 2014 ☑Y
"Leave Your Lover" ☑Y
"I'm Not the Only One" ☑Y
"I've Told You Now" ☑Y
"Like I Can" ☑Y
"Make It to Me" ☑Y
"Heart on Fire" Indiana No Romeo ☑Y
"Therapy" Mary J Blige The London Sessions ☑Y
"Not Loving You" ☑Y
"Worth My Time" ☑Y
"Grow" 2015 Frances Things I've Never Said ☑Y
"Writing's on the Wall" Sam Smith Non-album single ☑Y
"Let It Out" Frances Things I've Never Said ☑Y
"Sat Sail" Let It Out EP ☑Y
"Drowning Shadows" Sam Smith In the Lonely Hour: Drowning Shadows Edition ☑Y
"Love Is a Losing Game" ☑Y
"Omen" (Acoustic) ☑Y
"Make It on My Own" 2016 Eliza and the Bear Eliza and the Bear ☑Y
"Light It Up" ☑Y
"It Gets Cold" ☑Y
"Brother's Boat" ☑Y
"Talk" ☑Y
"Don't Worry About Me" Frances Things I've Never Said ☑Y
"Say It Again" ☑Y
"Under Our Feet" 2017 ☑Y
"What is Love?" Fifty Shades Darker OST ☑Y
"Love Me Again" Things I've Never Said ☑Y
"Drifting" ☑Y
"Cloud 9" ☑Y
"Sublime" ☑Y
"The Last Word" ☑Y
"It Isn't Like You" ☑Y
"Cry Like Me" ☑Y
"The Smallest Thing" ☑Y
"Too Good at Goodbyes" Sam Smith The Thrill of It All ☑Y
"Say It First" ☑Y
"One Last Song" ☑Y
"Midnight Train" ☑Y
"Burning" ☑Y
"Him" ☑Y
"Baby, You Make Me Crazy" ☑Y
"No Peace"
(featuring Yebba)
"Pray" ☑Y
"Nothing Left for You" ☑Y
"The Thrill of It All" ☑Y
"Scars" ☑Y
"One Day at a Time" ☑Y
"Daniel" 2018 Revamp & Restoration ☑Y
"Depend on It" Liam Payne First Time EP ☑Y


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