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Steve Giovinco
Born Tarrytown, New York
Nationality American
Education Yale University
Known for Photography
Awards Artists’ Fellowship; Haven Foundation; The Mayer Foundation Grant

Steve Giovinco is a fine art photographer who photographs night landscapes, self-portraits, and people and private photography teacher. His focus is on fine-art photography with lyrical and psychologically charged private moments of couples using himself and dark landscape photographs. Steve Giovinco has exhibited his art photographs with Jeff Wall, Sam Taylor-Wood, Catherine Opie, and others. He has worked with a digital camera since 1999 and created a handheld 8x8" film camera. His work was published in Summertime[1] by Chronicle Books. He also does fine art documentary wedding commissions.

Life and career[edit]

Steve Giovinco was born in Tarrytown, New York; he graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a BA in history and literature and Yale University with an MFA in photography, where he studied with Tod Papageorge, Thomas Roma, Richard Benson; Gregory Crewdson was a classmate.[2]

New Digital Storytelling[edit]

Giovinco created a personal photography project where images of himself and his father were displayed on the app Snapchat. Fading after 24 hours, the project used Snapchat’s fleeting images to investigate ephemeral moments of life and memory.[3]


Giovinco has been commissioned for a range of photographic projects in New York. His approach is usually unposed, natural, and documentary-like. He has worked with families, capturing their children in their home; has been commissioned for weddings;[4] and produced work for the web site Monegraph.[5]


Steve Giovinco's work is in several museum collections, including the Brooklyn Museum;[6] the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; Butler Institute of Art, Youngstown, Ohio; California Museum of Photography, Riverside, California; Lowe Art Museum, Miami, Florida.



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