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Steve Gravers (born Solomon Gottlieb; April 8, 1922, New York City – died August 22, 1978, Studio City, California) was an American character actor who appeared in numerous television shows and also in several movies in a career that lasted from 1952 until his death in 1978.


A life member of The Actors Studio,[1] Gravers made his Broadway debut in the Studio's production of Michael Gazzo's A Hatful of Rain on November 9, 1955.[2]

This was the same night on which Graver's first featured television performance was aired, a guest appearance on I Spy (not the popular hour-long series which would debut a decade later, but rather a half-hour anthology series hosted/narrated in character by Raymond Massey, as 'Anton the spymaster'),[3] in an episode entitled "Bits and Pieces".

Personal life[edit]

Gravers married actress Vitina Marcus by whom he had two children; the couple divorecd in 1960. Gravers lived in California until his death on August 22, 1978 from lung cancer in Studio City, California.

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