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Steve Jolliffe (born 28 April 1949) is an English musician.

Jolliffe was a member of the blues-rock band Steamhammer [1] between 1969 and 1970, playing saxophone and flute on their Mk II album, the band's second album in 1969.

Jolliffe has been a member of the German band Tangerine Dream,[2] working with them and providing vocals for their 1978 album Cyclone,[2] also notably one of the few Tangerine Dream albums to feature singing. He was also a member of the band briefly in 1969 with Klaus Schulze before Conrad Schnitzler joined to record Tangerine Dream's debut album Electronic Meditation[citation needed].

He has released a number of solo records and collaborated with other musicians.

He was an early user of the keyboard instruments released by Ensoniq and has performed with their ESQ1, SQ80 and VFX in addition to flute and other instruments.

Steve Jollife has released various albums, mostly available on CD. These include The Bruton Suite, Journeys Out Of The Body, Alien, and Zanzi.


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