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Steve Jolliffe (born 28 April 1949) is an English musician.

After meeting Rick Davies in the late '60s Jolliffe played with him in a band called the Joint.[1]:3 He left the Joint to study music at the Berlin Konservatorium. There he met Edgar Froese and played with one of the earliest incarnations of Tangerine Dream. He subsequently joined the band Steamhammer, a blues-rock outfit that experienced moderate success in the early '70s, touring extensively and recording two albums.[2] After the band split up, Jolliffe composed the music for John Samson's 1973 documentary, Tattoo.[3]

Jolliffe rejoined Tangerine Dream in the late 70s, recording the album Cyclone with the band in 1978.[1]:61[4] He then released a solo album entitled Drake's Venture in 1980. After this Jolliffe released albums at the rate of approximately one per year, including The Bruton Suite,[5] Journeys Out Of The Body, Alien and Zanzi.[6]

Jolliffe is a multi-instrumentalist, playing, among others, the keyboard, flute and piccolo.[7]


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