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Steve Laury is a contemporary jazz guitarist, arranger, composer, producer and national recording artist. He primarily recorded in the Contemporary Jazz format and produced five very successful solo albums.

Laury has been playing guitar since boyhood, and after moving to California co-founded the Jazz group Fattburger in 1983. After releasing five albums as a member of Fattburger, Laury left Fattburger in 1990 to pursue a solo career with Denon/A&M Records. His single "In My Dreams" from the Passion CD was a mainstay on the New Adult Contemporary/Contemporary Jazz playlists in the early 1990s and it served to launch his solo career. During his solo career, Laury released multiple albums, earning praise as "a surprisingly versatile and powerful guitarist".[1]

Following his last solo release was a 10-year lapse in his national recording output from 1996 to 2006. However, Laury resurfaced and became one of the top artists on at the height of their popularity within his genre during that period. Essentially, the advent of peer-to-peer file sharing services/platforms, the acceleration of illegal downloading activity, etc. created an environment that disrupted Laury's plans to record future records.


Fattburger Releases:

  • One of a Kind - 1986 (CGR Records)
  • Good News - 1987 (Intima/Capitol Records)
  • Living in Paridise - 1989 (Intima/Capitol Records)
  • Time Will Tell - 1989 (Intima/Capitol Records)
  • Come and Get It - 1990 (Enigma/Capitol Records)
  • Best of Fattburger -1992 (Manhattan/EMI Records)

Solo Releases:

  • Stepping Out - 1990 (Denon/A&M Records and number one in R&R)
  • Passion - 1991 (Denon/A&M Records)
  • Keepin' The Faith - 1993 (Denon Records)
  • Vineland Dreams - 1995/1996 (CTI Records and number one in R&R and number one in Billboard)
  • New Music - 2006 (iTunes exclusively via CD Baby)


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