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Steve Lee is an English songwriter/vocalist/musician and Ivor Novello judge. He has written for artists worldwide and had numerous international hits.

In the mid-1980s, as a lead vocalist, he worked on an original project with Anne Dudley (Art of Noise) but failed to secure a record deal. In 1985, as a sax player, he toured with the band B-Movie. He then fronted the band Krew, comprising mainly Nik Kershaw's band, and released the single 'Paper Heroes' on WEA Records in April 1986, written by Tim Moore, Dennis Smith and Lee. The band was short lived however, and from there he toured with The Duel as a sax player, supporting 5 Star on their British tour of 1987.

In 1988 Lee signed to IRS Records with writing/production partner Gary Miller as Big Smile and released one single, 'Crocodile Tears' – remixed by William Orbit – after which they split. Steve returned to session work, including providing backing vocals on Diane Tell's French album 'Degriffe-Moi'. For the whole of 1989 Steve toured with Then Jerico as backing vocalist/alto sax player after which he was recruited by Joan Armatrading for her UK and American tour of 1990, playing alto and tenor sax, guitar, percussion and backing vocals. As an addition to the tour, they headlined at the King's Trust Concert in Swaziland.

In 1991, in partnership with Simon Ellis, he wrote and produced the single 'People of the World' by Sorell Johnson – a Gary Davies' Radio 1 Record of the Week – and wrote 'Crying in the Rain' for Randy Crawford with Judy Cheeks. During this period Lee worked as a session musician, playing sax and/or backing vocals for Kym Mazelle, Jaki Graham, Jason Donovan, Nick Berry and the DJ Sasha. Steve then produced and co-wrote the single 'D’Jilawendie' for Portuguese singer Teresa Maiuko, for whom he was also bassist and Musical Director on her Portuguese tour of 1993. It was also in this year that Jason Donovan released 'Shout About' written by Lee and Dina Taylor.

In August 1993 he signed to PWL Records as FKW, releasing an Italian House version of 'Never Gonna Give You Up' and 'Seize The Day', reaching Number 1 in the Dance Charts. In February 1994, 'Jingo' peaked at number 15 and was also a major club hit. Two further singles followed, 'This Is The Way' and 'Laura Palmer's Theme' and Lee was voted PA of the Year by Disco International. In 1995 he replaced Tony Jackson as lead singer with Rage, releasing one single, 'My Crying's Done'.

In 1997 Steve formed the studio band Franklyn with Steve Torch, later recruiting Sarah Brown of the London Community Gospel Choir on vocals. Fusing drum'n’bass and trip hop, the band signed with Jammin' Records the following year and released the album 'What's My Name?' in 1999, produced by Lee.

From 2000 onwards Steve focussed almost entirely on writing for other artists, including Britney Spears, Christina Milian, Girls Aloud and Nick Carter (see discography below). His song 'Love Will Set You Free' released by Starchaser on Ministry of Sound, also featured Steve's lead vocal, and was a No1 Dance single. During this period he also provided backing vocals for several artists including Lionel Richie, Enrique Iglesias and Lil Wayne.

His song 'Friday's Child', released as a single by Will Young in 2004, was nominated for an Ivor Novello and Steve himself was a judge on the Ivor Novello panel for Best Contemporary Song in 2006.


'Roll Over’
'Plus Que Tout' (Hit Single 2011),
(Also co-producer) –
'Entre Nous Et Le Sol' (Hit Single)
  • Keana – 'Dance With You' (No1 Single Japan 2011)
  • Zhang Qi Rui – 'Dance With You' (Hit single China 2012)
  • Eleni Alexandris – 'Paradinome' (Hit single Greece 2011)
  • Starchaser – 'Love Will Set You Free' (No1 Dance Single)
  • Mike Leon Grosch (Pop Idol Germany) – 'Confessional' (Hit single, Germany)
  • Bryan Rice (Pop Idol Denmark) – 'Confessional' (Hit single, Denmark)
  • Amici (Italian 'Pop Idol' winners) – 'All I Need' (No1 single Italy)
  • Natasha Thomas – 'Over' (Hit single Germany)
  • Eye-Q (Pop Idol winners Denmark) – 'I Want What She's Got' (No1 single, and biggest selling single in Danish history)
  • Ruben Gomez (ex Meñudo) – 'Siempre Mañana' (Hit single Germany)
  • Jonatan Cerrada (France) – 'Siempre Mañana’
  • Stereopol – 'Dancin' Tonight' (Euro Hit Single)
  • Kumi Koda (Japan/Korea) – 'This Is Not A Love Song’
  • Sweetbox (Japan/Korea) –
'In A Heartbeat'
'Everybody Come Out in the Sunshine’
'Eyes of a Woman'
'Aint Loved You Long Enough’
  • Jason Donovan – 'Shout About’
  • Craig – 'At This Time of Year' (UK Hit Single)
  • Right Said Fred – 'Something in Your Eyes’
  • A1 – 'Funkin' Up’
  • Monrose (German 'Idol' Winners 2006) – 'Rebound’
  • Room 2016 (German 'Idol' Winners 2007) – 'No You Can't Stay For Coffee’
  • Linkup (French 'Popstars' winners) – 'Tu Es A Moi’
  • What A Girl Wants (Warner Bros Movie) -'Greatest Story Ever Told' (Original Soundtrack)
  • OV7 (Mexico) – 'Bringing The World Back Home' (Official Fifa World Cup album)
  • Matt Dusk (Canada) – 'Theme from "Love Is A Loaded Gun’
  • Cherie (USA) – 'Rush’
  • Jonathan Pearce (USA) – 'Whenever I’
  • Clementine – 'Girl with the Purple Smile' (single Japan)
  • Natasha (Atomic Kitten) – 'Round And Round' (single)
  • Anna Abreu – 'Slam' (Hit single, Finland 2010)
  • Edurne – 'Soy Como Soy' (Spain, Hit Single 2011)
  • Ultra Girls – 'Girls Will Be Girls' (UK single 2011)
  • Nathalie Bassingthwaighte – 'Supersensual' (Single, Australia 2010)
  • Natasha Thomas – 'Over' (German single)
  • Juliette – 'Only Uh-Uh' (German single)
  • Stefanie Heinzmann (Germany) – 'I Wrote The Book’
  • Naim Thomas (Spanish 'Pop Idol') – 'Para Siempre’
  • Gisela (Spanish 'Pop Idol') – 'Soy Como Soy’
  • Anna Abreu – 'Slam' (Finland Hit single 2010)
  • K-Otic (Netherlands) – 'Never Gonna Get My Love’
  • Rene Froger (Netherlands) –
  • Tarkan (Germany/Turkey) – 'I’m Gonna Make You Feel Good' (single)
  • Justine (France) – 'New Word For Over' (single)
  • Juan Camus (France) – 'Now That The Love's Gone’
  • Elin (Germany) – 'You Don't Know Me’
  • Natalia (Belgium) – 'Unexpected’
  • Sergey Lazarev (Russia) – 'Nobody Told Me’
  • Jamali (South Africa) – 'You Got Me’
  • Jerusha (South Africa) – 'Kuche Kuche’
  • Nevena (Bulgaria) – 'Za Tebe Pesen Niamam’
  • Marta Sanchez (Spain 2012 release) – 'Breathe Underwater'
  • Valentine (Germany 2012 release) – 'You Won't Test The Water'
  • Baptiste (No.1 Album France (Gold) Oct 2012) –
'Nobody Told Me'
'This Aint Love’
  • 'Sadie J' Title Song (BBC TV) – 'Girl in a Boys' World’
  • 'Green Balloon Club' BBC TV Series – 13 songs including title song


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