Steve Lillebuen

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Steve Lillebuen
Born Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Occupation Journalist
Nationality Canadian
Period 2000s to present
Subject True crime, news
Notable works The Devil's Cinema

Steve Lillebuen is a Canadian author and journalist. He divides his time between Australia and Canada.


Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Lillebuen graduated from the University of Alberta [1] with a Bachelor of Arts in literature and media studies.[2] As a university student, he served as an editor and writer for The Gateway, the campus newspaper.[3]

In 2004, Lillebuen founded the Gateway Alumni Association (GAA), an official chapter of the University of Alberta's alumni association, and served as its first president.[3][4]

Career in Journalism[edit]

Lillebuen has been widely published across Canada and Australia as a journalist at news wire agencies The Canadian Press and Australian Associated Press.[1][2][5]

In 2007, he co-founded the Edmonton edition of Metro, a division of the international freesheet media company, and served as a managing editor and senior reporter.[2][6]

He later joined the Edmonton Journal as a police reporter.[2][7] While at the newspaper, he covered homicides and major crimes across Alberta and northern British Columbia, including the case of Mark Twitchell.[2] The criminal investigation and first-degree murder trial drew substantial media attention [8] due to its connections to Dexter Morgan,[9] a fictional serial killer and bloodstain pattern analyst featured in the Dexter television program and series of books.

The Mark Twitchell case and trial became the focus of The Devil's Cinema, Lillebuen's first book, after he left the newspaper.[1][5][7]

The book won the Arthur Ellis Award for Best Non-Fiction.[10][11] It was also shortlisted in Australia for the Ned Kelly Award.[12]



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